10 best Genshin Impact characters to run the map

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run the map

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2023-01-28 09:51:55

Exploring the continent of Teyvat is extremely important in Genshin Impact. And what are the names that best serve this?

Genshin Impact is a game that focuses a lot on exploring the world in the game. Players must climb passes, wade streams, and overcome obstacles to obtain items such as chests, prodigies, or challenges scattered across the map. While most of the characters won’t be of much help in exploration, a few are extremely helpful. And here are the 10 best Genshin Impact characters for you to “run the map”.

1. Venti

Phong Than Venti is probably the best character to explore the map. As the god of freedom, Venti allows the player to climb high terrain without having to spend too much effort.

Venti’s elemental skill has a special ability when it creates a blast of wind for 20 seconds. This allows the remaining characters to overcome difficult terrain on the map and easily climb cliffs. Furthermore, this god has a hidden gift that reduces the health consumption of his party members while flying.

2. Kamisato Ayaka

Kamisato’s submarine is one of the best characters to explore the Genshin Impact map with with his surfing ability. This is also one of the two characters with the ability to glide infinitely until they run out of stamina in Genshin Impact. With her unique move, Ayaka becomes an effective card in the process of exploring the map.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 2

After finishing her glide, she jumps off the surface and freezes it for a moment. At this point, if the player is on the water, just use his elemental skills to create a temporary freezing area, then wait for his stamina to recover and continue his journey. Ayaka’s ability to create a bridge of ice is also relative to her fury, making exploration easier.

3. Kazuha

In addition to being in the top of the best characters of Genshin Imapct, this guy is also great in his ability to explore the map. Kazuha’s ability lifts him into the air, allowing him to expand his mobility and dash for a short distance.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 3

Kazuha’s hidden talent will reduce the HP cost of shock by 25%, thereby making the player’s running easier.

4. Zhongli

Zhongli with the famous Nham column is an easy thing for gamers to climb in complex terrains. Although it’s a shield and resistance reducer, at least these pillars will help you climb up difficult terrain.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 4

5. Xiao

“Xing Xing Xing!” – Xiao’s elemental skill is also what makes it easier for players to breathe during climbs with the ability to glide in the air for a short distance, thereby easily advancing to higher terrain or saving body precious force.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 5

6. Yelan

Yelan’s elemental skill is very suitable for you to move across the vast land of Genshin Impact as it greatly increases Yelan’s movement speed but does not consume stamina.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 6

In addition, Yelan’s par 1 allows her to have one more charge point, thereby doubling the distance that elemental skills can create.

7. The Wanderer

This is the first character in Genshin Impact to have the ability to fly freely, not just glide in one direction. This allows for much easier exploration, as you simply fly in the direction you want and that’s it.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 7

8. Keqing

The elemental skill of “Be Quynh” allows her to teleport a short distance as indicated, thereby increasing her mobility in climbing situations throughout the map.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 8

This skill will be a bit difficult to use, so you need to get used to it a bit before you can use it properly.

9. Mona

Similar to the Ayaka Ice-type submarine, Mona also has the ability to go underground and “surf our water like a wave”. This ability also applies Wet to nearby enemies when she reappears.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 9

10. Sayu

Sayu left an extremely interesting elemental skill to Genshin Impact in terms of discoverability. Sayu’s elemental skills allow her to roll at incredibly fast speeds across the map without consuming much stamina.

10 best Genshin Impact characters to run map 10

Besides, the hidden talent of this ninja girl also makes it much easier to collect mobile materials.

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