2 Dead by Daylight and while True: learn () games are free for free

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2021-12-23 13:40:18

Two great games Dead by Daylight and while True: learn() are being given away for free within 1 week on the Epic Games Store platform.

Dead by Daylight is a PvP multiplayer game with a horror theme. In it, a player role-playing Killer searches for the remaining three players as Survivor tries to escape from the pursuit of the aforementioned killer. What’s interesting is that Killer players experience it in first person, while Survivor players experience it in third person and need cooperation to get each other to hide. The game idea is similar to Friday the 13th: The Game, but much more attractive and dramatic.

while True: learn() is the opposite. This is a game that combines elements of puzzle and simulation. The player is a programmer specializing in machine learning, accidentally discovering that “the emperor” is equally good at this subject. The problem is, the cat can’t talk. Therefore, you have to use your knack for machine learning to build a cat-to-human translation system and the end is an extremely attractive but equally challenging game experience.

This week Epic Games Store continues its “free games every week” campaign with Dead by Daylight and while True: learn(). Deadline to get the game for free until 11pm on December 9, 2021. In the international market, Dead by Daylight and while True: learn() are priced at $19.99 and $12.99 respectively. The price of copper is only 220 and 121 thousand. If interested, quickly follow the instructions of Digital Experience to own the game permanently on the Epic Games Store.

① You must first register for an Epic Games account (free) if you do not have one and confirm the registration by email. If you have ever signed up for an Epic Games account to play Fortnite, you can skip this step and use the above account.

② Proceed to log in to your Epic Games account in step ① and then visit the Dead by Daylight game page on the Epic Games Store.

Note: Epic Games Store may require you to enable two-factor authentication for your account in order to receive free games on this platform. If you don’t know how to open this feature for your Epic Games Store account, please refer to detailed instructions here.

Click Get on the right edge of the screen, easy to see with the word -100% the same price is crossed out next to the word Free right above.

Note: Epic Games Store may require you to agree to the end user agreement as shown below. If this is the case, you must tick I have read and agree with the End User License Agreement then tap Accept To confirm. If you disagree or click Dismiss, you can no longer use the Epic Games Store and no longer receive free games.

Epic Games Store End User Agreement

At the screen Checkout, you check your order in item Order Summary then choose Place Order. If you receive a notification Thank you for buying is the game that has been updated to the Epic Games Store account.

Dead by Daylight game is free

⑤ Continue from step ② to step ④ on the game page while True: learn() to get and update the game to your Epic Games library.

Free game while True: learn()

After completing the above steps, you already own the game Dead by Daylight and while True: learn () on Epic Games Store! To play the game, you need to install Epic Games Launcher and install the game from this application similar to the Steam platform.

For those who play Dead by Daylight: Enter the game, go to the Store section to find the item Redeem Code and load the code HOHOHO to get 100K Bloodpoints instantly. This is the in-game currency used to upgrade the character. Another code is DECIPHERSTRIKE then get 150K Bloodpoint. These two codes both have an expiration date, but it is not clear when. There is a code NICE get another 69 Bloodpoints.

Also, Company of Heroes 3 is having a free pre-alpha test with multiplayer mode until 11 a.m. on December 6, 2021. In this test phase, players will control US or Wehrmacht forces and engage in battle against AI or other players in four different maps. To participate, log into your Relic account at the Company of Heroes Community page. If you don’t have an account, create a new one for free.

You then link your Relic account to your Steam account. When you’re done linking, go back to the Company of Heroes Community page and click the . button Redeem it on Steam to update the Steam key join pre-alpha to the account. What are you waiting for, install and play!

Especially, if you have an international payment card with 120,000 VND left, don’t ignore it Free Games with Prime December 2021 when signing up for the Amazon Video service and linking a Twitch account. Just watched many good movies on this platform for 1 month (with English subtitles only), and owned extremely attractive games and key games according to the list below.

• Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered (key Origin). See more reviews of the game Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered.
• Frostpunk (key GOG.com). See more Frostpunk game reviews.
• Journey To The Savage Planet (key GOG.com).
• Football Manager 2021 (activate to Epic Games Store account). See more Football Manager 2021 game review.
• Morkredd. See more Mørkredd game review.
• Spellcaster University.
• Youtubers Life. See more Youtubers Life game review.
• Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse.
• Tales of Monkey Island: Complete Season.

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