2022 is the year with the highest manga sales in history

2022 is the year with the highest manga sales in history


2023-02-28 22:48:49

With the increasing popularity of anime/manga, comic sales have also improved and 2022 is the time to set a new record when this is the year with the highest manga sales in history.

2022 is the year with the highest manga sales in history

According to the latest report by the National Publishing Association and the Institute of Publishing Science, the annual sales of the Japanese domestic manga market in 2022, including both print and digital publishing, will reach 677 billion yen ( about $5.264 billion).

Compared to 2021, when it increased 10.3% to 675.9 billion yen, this is a slight increase of 0.2% year-on-year, but it is still the fourth consecutive year of growth and the largest ever. is recognized. 41.45%, up 1.1% compared to 2021.

With total sales of 229.1 billion yen (approximately $1,781 billion), the print manga market fell 13.4 percent year-on-year, with book manga sales in 2022 reaching 175.4 billion yen (about 1.363 billion yen). USD), down 16%. The manga magazine’s revenue was 53.7 billion yen (about $418 million), down 3.8%.

The share of digital sales in the manga market as a whole is 66.2%. Total digital sales grew 8.9% year-over-year to 447.9 billion yen (about $3.482 billion), slower than in 2021, when the increase was 18.6%.

In general, the revenue of the online reading segment is still growing strongly and steadily, contributing to the manga segment’s revenue in 2022 setting a new record despite a slight decline in the sales of traditional printed comics.

The last year of 2022 is the time when many new manga works are released

Last year was also the time when “late birth” works such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Revengers, Kaiju No. 8, SPY x FAMILY, Mystery to Iu Nakare,… made a splash. Especially Spy x Family when the work has created a craze since its release and its influence was even stronger at the time when the series was adapted into an anime.

In addition, in the best-selling manga of the past year, it is impossible not to mention the “big” trees such as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Kingdom, etc., although they are all works that were released a long time ago, but the power Their suction power remains undiminished. Especially One Piece when in the time when countless new attractive names are released one after another, One Piece still retains a solid position in the hearts of fans.

2023 will be the time when many anime adaptations of manga come out and this is also a great opportunity to help those series promote and improve sales. Let’s wait and see if this year’s manga sales will continue to grow or will it stop after a long period of development?

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