5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

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2023-01-28 17:56:02

Here are the 5 best gaming keyboard models that you can add to your gaming gear collection.

Choosing a good mechanical keyboard will help you get the best gaming experience. Here are the 5 best gaming keyboard models that you can add to your gaming gear collection.

Razer Huntsman V2

5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

Without going too deep into the basic specs, the Huntsman V2 features Razer’s optical switches at up to 8,000Hz and an incredibly low response time (0.2 milliseconds). You can choose the Switch that you like the most from Clicky Purple to Linear Red.

Combine that with the incredibly soft ergonomic memory foam wrist pad, similar to the feeling you get when you put your wrist on a cloud. It looks partially with Chroma RGB lighting and you can take it anywhere without losing your configuration thanks to the on-board storage that will remember your Synapse settings.

Mountain Everest Max

5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

Born from a crowdfunding Kickstarter, the Mountain Everest Max is the most feature-packed keyboard you can buy. In addition, the material that makes up the product makes the Mountain Everest Max one of the most budget-friendly keyboards out there.

First of all, Mountain Everest Max has a variety of switch styles that you can change, including Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh or any other brand’s switch models. If your working angle is not too spacious, then Mountain Everest Max allows you to remove / install the numpad key from the left or right side easily.

The numeric keypad also has the same four LCD macro buttons as the Elgato without taking up as much space as the Stream Deck. The Mountain Everest Max also has an optional media dock located at the top left or right, complete with a dial that shows the temperature, time, or lets you switch profiles.

Everything you can adjust in software, partially compatible with Razer Chroma for synchronized RGB lighting, and seamlessly integrated with OBS and Twitch for streamers.

G.Skill KM360

5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

Known for its record-breaking gaming RAM, the G.Skill KM360 is an affordable gaming keyboard with a bunch of fancy features built in.

Getting rid of the numpad key is the first feature that saves you some space in your gaming corner. There’s no RGB lighting here either, but you do get sleek white LEDs to accentuate the keyboard’s gaming feel.

Corsair K70 TKL

5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

What happens when you take the best gaming keyboard ever and get rid of its numeric keypad, while not only keeping all its other features but adding to them? You will have the best tenkeyless keyboard – Corsair K70 TKL. It is built with the same brushed aluminum as its predecessor with full size and Cherry MX switches.

The Corsair K70 TKL doesn’t have the fancy, unnecessary OLED display on the SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL. Combine this with the Cherry MX switches, a response rate of up to 8,000Hz, and especially a switch that switches to static backlight and random macro triggering, so you can stay focused and beat your opponents in the game. play.

Mountain Everest 60

5 best gaming keyboards in 2022

Everest 60 is built from the ground up for ultimate performance. When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the Everest 60 has no limitations; features genuine Cherry lubed stabilized MOUNTAIN switches and a muffler consisting of multiple layers of foam and silicone.’

With a 60% layout including 64 keys, compactness and fit are the strong points of this type of key. The custom MOUNTAIN Linear 45 and Tactile 55 switches have been engineered for smooth and quiet operation, making them ideal for gamers and professionals alike. Factory-made, these switches are a delight to the eyes and ears. Everest 60 please accept all other 3-pin or 5-pin PCB board-mounted switches.

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