A Beginner’s Guide to Rise of Eros

A Beginner’s Guide to Rise of Eros


2022-09-20 07:39:03

Rise of Eros is a good fantasy adventure game with beautiful AAA graphics. Let’s find out together How to play Rise of Eros for the beginners.

Before diving into how to play Rise of Eros, you need to know some highlights of the game. Background Rise of Eros in the fantasy world. The characters are designed with vivid 3D graphics. The game has many different modes. Therefore, every time you experience Rise of Eros, you will have a completely different feeling.

Things to know about how to play Rise of Eros

Rise of Eros . gameplay

The entire Rise of Eros gameplay revolves around combat and intimate actions. Beautiful 3D characters will make your game even more interesting. The game is labeled 18+, so it is only suitable for adults. Rise of Eros includes 4 game modes:

  • Main Mode: This is the story mode. Here you have 6 sections to complete with some interesting stories. You will also have rewards, gems for completing these sections. After passing the sections, you can even play Rise of Eros in hard mode.

The main mode in Rise of Eros

  • Resource Mode: This is where you get resources. You can collect gold, EXP, seductive scents to improve relationships with characters and much more. Each resource has its own sub-mode, so you can plow the desired item in each sub-mode.
  • Trial Mode: This mode also has some sub-modes. You can only enter each sub-mode once per day to receive equipment.
  • Challenge Mode: You can play this mode after reaching stage 5 to 20. As the name suggests, this Rise of Eros mode is really challenging. You need to prepare the character well and understand each spell in order to complete this mod.


Characters in Rise of Eros

This is a game for adults, so the “hot” scenes are really part of Rise of Eros. You and the waifu (virtual wife) will hang out in the Boudoir menu item. With the help of intimacy potion, you have up to 3 different levels of intimacy. The sequence of hot scenes opened in the game will never be repeated.

Free to play and play for money

Quests in Rise of Eros

You can play Rise of Eros both for free or play for money. However, with free players, it’s hard to get 100% of the collection.

On the other hand, the standard Rise of Eros banner will require the player to spend a special amount. The game has a period of granting coins to players every day. It gives you up to 80k coins/turn, but getting through level 1 to 60 will be difficult because it requires more than 1.3 billion coins.

Tools and relics

First, you need to understand the tool when you first start playing the game Rise of Eros. They have power levels of HP, Crit Damage, AVD and Defense. So the choice of solo match depends on what you prepare for the character class. Of course, you need to find the perfect equipment to execute the best battle plan.

Weapons in Rise of Eros

You must use the banner to get equipment, relics, and characters. You have to pay 180 Gem to pull the banner. The gacha system includes 3 banners:

  • Regular banners.
  • Weapon banners.
  • Banner disappears after a certain amount of time.

Pitty at 150 pulls. It doesn’t seem to reset when you pull the original SSR. You will receive Gem when conquering the first story milestone. You will also get 30 Gem per day as a login bonus.

Most equipment shards have primary and secondary stats. When upgrading equipment, you unlock and randomly improve secondary stats. Items can come in sets of up to 6 pieces. When 2, 4, 6 are worn together, you will receive a buff for the whole set. You can choose what you need.

For example, when equipping 6 parts of a tank set, you get a 16% increase in defense. When equipping 4 parts, you have 12%.

Regarding relics, Rise of Eros includes a number of designs inspired by the power of the gods in legend. You have to drag the banner to own them. Each has its own properties, giving you stats, damage, and accuracy. Note, they have a limited ownership period, so use them wisely.

Here’s what you need to know about how to play Rise of Eros for beginners. When playing the game, don’t forget to enter the Rise of Eros code too! Hope the article is useful to you.

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