Admire the beautiful Dark Fairy Lux fan art that makes fans hold their breath

Admire the beautiful Dark Fairy Lux fan art that makes fans hold their breath

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2023-03-19 01:32:02

The already beautiful Dark Fairy skin line is now even more gorgeous when shown in the recently popular Lux fanart.

Of the more than 160 champions of League of Legends, there are few champions as famous as Lux. Not only because the skill set is easy to get used to, Lux also attracts players with beautiful outfits with different nuances meticulously designed by Riot.

Of course, Riot also recognizes Lux’s strengths, thanks to which Lady of Light becomes the champion with the most skins in the current game. But “dear” Lux does not have a Dark Fairy skin – a mysterious and equally famous costume theme that is no less than other themes. With crimson tones like blood, purple and black, the plot of the Dark Fairy theme is also linked with the theme of the Sun – Lunar Eclipse or the Old Dark Gods.

And if you are curious to know what the Dark Fairy Lux will look like.,Then recently MINagami – a Twitter account shared her work about the Dark Fairy Lux version with her signature crimson color. this costume theme.

MINagami shared her Dark Fairy Lux fan art on Twitter

Details fan art Lux Dark Fairy

Detail of the fanart of the Dark Fairy costume

This fanart seems to be inspired by the dangerous crimson color of Evelynn’s Dark Fairy skin. Her staff of light has now transformed into a “scepter of Blood” that radiates magic around her, the Lady of Light in her Dark Elf outfit has been referred to by the author as a Child with Royal Blood.

The Old Dark Gods are beings living in a special parallel world. A group of witches known as the Dark Elves worshiped them and placed their absolute control over the universe.

According to some reports, the Dark Fairy skin line was created to compete with the Sun – Lunar Eclipse line of costumes and was also inspired by the above story. The Old Dark Gods were killed by the Sun and Moon warrior after Kayle provided them with the necessary tools.

Although this is not an official skin, it would be great if Riot could create a Dark Fairy Lux when the fanart above is making the community praise non-stop.

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