Aether Gazer – Open world role-playing product released worldwide version

Aether Gazer – Open world role-playing product released worldwide version


2023-05-26 09:11:52

Aether Gazer has officially released a global version for Android and iOS users from May 23.

After the success of Azur Lane and Arknights, Yongshi has grown from a little-known game company to become one of the extremely potential companies in China. The company’s next game – Aether Gazer has also received a lot of attention from players worldwide since the first news in 2021. After that, Aether Gazer is released domestically in 2022. and quickly achieved success in both revenue and downloads. Back to the present, after many trials and delays, the global version of Aether Gazer was finally released, taking a step forward in Yongshi’s ambition to reach the world.

Aether Gazer is set in the future when humanity is forced to upload its consciousness to Gaea – an AI orbiting the Earth when the Earth’s habitat has been severely damaged after a series of wars. Human consciousness is divided into ten sephirah regions, each with its own unique culture and beliefs, all working together towards building the perfect civilization called Idealbild. However, evil computer viruses called Visbanes lurks, wanting to destroy humanity’s paradise. From here, your journey as the commander of a special squad with a mission to destroy viruses and protect human consciousness officially begins.

The game is set in a unique and interesting AI-themed fantasy setting.

The game uses the anime style as the main design style with the landscape and the cast of characters being meticulously cared for and highly completed.

Using anime style as the main design style, the world of Aether Gazer appears with vivid, beautiful in both the cast of characters as well as the landscape. The theme of AI gives the Aether Gazer design team a lot of materials to portray a separate world, interwoven between the real world and the virtual space. Ten areas in the game, each of which will be designed based on the specific culture of that area, creating a rich, diverse and extremely outstanding whole. Besides, the cast of characters with 3D models that are cared for from appearance to costumes as well as skill sets promises to be the attraction of Aether Gazer.

Belonging to the ARPG genre with gameplay focusing on combat experience and combos of attacks, Aether Gazer promises to provide players with an extremely hands-on hack-and-slash experience when not only being free in using their own moves. individual characters, but also allows players to combine characters in the party together to create combos with destructive power. In addition to the combat experience, players will also need to complete various types of missions, game modes or explore the world to obtain resources and items that can be used to summon new characters and use them to upgrade. powers for already possessed characters.

Coming to Aether Gazer, players can enjoy a variety of game modes ranging from easy to difficult, from story mode to boss mode with extremely powerful and dangerous bosses. Not only that, players can also explore the game’s vast expanse, open up many unique side quests or search for treasures scattered everywhere, etc.

Readers interested in Aether Gazer can learn more through the following link.

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