Among Us VR suddenly broke a new sales record

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2023-01-25 19:27:54

Among Us VR – the virtual reality adaptation of the extremely popular game, achieved great sales success in a short period of time.

Among Us VR is available now on Meta Quest 2, PS VR and SteamVR.

Among Us has seen huge success as a hit indie title, and now it is making waves in the same way as a VR game. A new report from the developer reveals that the virtual reality version of the game – Among Us VR has hit a huge revenue milestone just a few months after its release.

Among Us was originally launched in 2018, but didn’t really hit the mark until 2020, when it became popular. Streamers around the globe made the game known, and those stuck at home due to the pandemic have finally enjoyed it as a way to stay connected with friends. The title’s budding popularity was enough for the developers to pause Among Us 2, opting instead to add support for the existing product.

Among Us VR launched in late 2022 and now, just 10 weeks later, the development team has released an update on its performance. According to a tweet from the game’s official account, the title has sold over 1 million copies despite being on the market for a short time. Additionally, the game has seen over 4 million plays from players across 122 countries. It looks like the game’s virtual reality adaptation has pleased players, and with the developer promising to update the title throughout the year, it’s likely those numbers will continue to grow.

Among Us

VR technology makes the tension in Among Us more real than ever.

Among Us VR is likely to succeed not only due to the extreme popularity of the original game, but also due to the increase in the number of virtual reality headsets in the homes of casual gamers. Meta Quest 1 and 2 helped drive this increase, providing an affordable way to enjoy virtual reality without having to connect to a powerful PC. Valve Index has also achieved much success and Sony’s PS VR2 is coming in the near future. Virtual reality can be a lot of fun, but games like this are more likely to succeed for people who already own VR glasses and know what they can expect from the vehicle.

While not every gamer is interested in virtual reality, virtual reality can add a lot to our gaming experience, especially with horror games like Resident Evil Village or other games. Stressful titles like Among Us. The impostors were hard enough to spot and avoid in the original version of Among Us, but looking over one’s shoulder really makes matters more intense. It will be interesting to see what Among Us VR is like as one of the PS VR2 launch games.

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