An easy game-making tool to help you program like a pro

An easy game-making tool to help you program like a pro


2021-12-21 22:15:20

INTERNATIONAL_ If you want to make games like programmers, you can start with GDevelop – an easy game making tool that helps you with many cool things.

GDevelop is a tool that allows users to easily build video games without any specific expertise. Although the concept of “galloping” development has become quite popular in recent years, the history of GDevelop can be traced back to earlier times.

GDevelop was originally created by Florian Rival with iPower and the first public version on GitHub was released in 2014. The original aim of the project was to make game development as easy as possible. In addition to the traditional desktop deployment, you can even start GDevelop through a web browser.

GDevelop supports effective game making

Friends are “newbies”, can fully learn from the ready-made templates and can modify and try them at any time. Currently, GDevelop mainly focuses on 2D game development.

GDevelop is primarily focused on creating PC and mobile games, as well as HTML5 games that can be played in the browser. This tool is aimed at non-coders and game developers can use event-based visual programming similar to tools like Construct, Stencyl, and Tynker.

For game design, you can view all game mechanics from the Events tab. Everything is described with a condition and an action, if the player is jumping then animate the character with a “jumping” animation.

Many games export to Android easily

Many games export to Android easily

GDevelop leverages web technologies for game rendering, such as WebGL, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. When you’re ready to export your game, you can export it for the web or turn it into an Android game. On average, half of GDevelop users export games to Android.

Because of its ease of use and distributed under an open source license, GDevelop has been used in game education, from elementary to college courses. It has also been used by educators and researchers to create games that apply to learning.

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