Analysis of fake Zui Van

Analysis of fake Zui Van

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Xuy Van is fake is an outstanding and unique excerpt of Kim Nham Cheo play. Through this cheo play, children will see the cause of the fake actions and the mood of the character Xuy Van. We invite you to refer to the article Analysis of the fake Xùy Vân, Literature 10, Knowledge Connection, Semester I compiled by below.

Topic: Analysis of fake Xuy Van

The best essay analyzing Xuy Van is fake

A. Outline analysis of the fake Xuy Van:

I. Introduction: Introduction of excerpts and works.
II. Post body:
1. Analysis of rowing class:
1.1. Content value: The excerpt depicts the inner conflicts of the character Xuy Van:
a. Reasons for fake behavior:
– Due to living in the scene of waiting for her husband for too long and being deceived by words of flirting and flirting, Xuy Van decided to set up a crazy drama. The purpose of this job is to let Kim Nham return to his freedom and follow his mistress.
b. Xuy Van’s foolish actions:
* Speech:
– Introduce yourself by name and background.
– Feeling of pain, feeling the fate of missing the village.
– Embarrassed, ashamed for helping Kim Nham to follow Tran Phuong.
– Feeling lonely, lost in the marriage, no one understands.
– Dream, longing for a happy family life
– Remember the lover.
– Words of mercy for your fate.
– Falling into a state of madness, no longer awake.
* Action:
+ Sing and speak to express pain.
+ Dances of catching spiders, spinning silk, weaving => common movements in women’s daily work.
+ Sing and laugh at the same time; go in, go and laugh => crazy mood, not alert enough.
1.2. Artistic value:
The way of speaking follows the typical tone of Cheo such as: speaking in a skewed manner, in a slur, in a moody tone, and in speech.
– Cheo singing tunes such as: hitchhiking, jungle rooster, coming, saber, reverse singing.
– Dances: dancing to catch spiders, weaving looms.
– Stage instructions: sound of drums, actions of dancing, singing, gestures, gestures of characters.
2. Evaluation of the wild rowing class Xuy Van:
2.1. Content rating:
– Through the rowing class “Xuy Van fake wild”, we can see:
+ Aspiration for happiness, aspiration for real life of Xuy Van.
+ Attitude of compassion and deep sympathy for the situation of women in the ancient society.
2.2. Art review:
Folk art of rowing with familiar images, close to daily life.
III. End: Affirming the value of the excerpt “Xùy Vân is fake” in particular and “Kim Nham” in general.

Phan Thiet Tac Pham Van Gia Dai Dai Sieu or

Sample essay analyzing the work Xu Yun is fake

B. Sample essay analyzing fake Xuy Van:

“Xuy Van is fake” is one of the typical excerpts of Cheo play “Kim Nham”. This is considered an excellent rowing class of the ancient rowing background. The text “Xùy Vân is fake” not only contains attractive content but also shows the uniqueness of artistic elements.

Cheo “Kim Nham” revolves around the story between three main characters, Kim Nham, Xuy Van and Tran Phuong. After becoming husband and wife with Xuy Van, Kim Nham continued to go to the capital to grind history. Ms. Xuy Van lived at home in the “single bed” scene, waiting for her husband to return. Meanwhile, the name Tran Phuong appeared and flirted with Xuy Van. She fell in love and pretended to be crazy in the hope that Kim Nham would return her freedom to follow her lover. The excerpt “Xuy Van fakes a fool” describes the scene where she set up her own madness to cover her husband’s eyes.

It can be seen that in the entire excerpt, Xuy Van directly expressed her feelings and emotions. Her every word and action focuses on expressing the inner conflict. The language she uses is the language of the half-sane.

Through the self-introduction, the folk author has provided readers with some information about the character’s name, talent, and situation:

“Steping in I said so,

There’s nothing to hide, Xuy Van is me.

Although foolish, talented and priceless,

People say that I sing well, strangely,

Everyone calls her Xuy Van.

Phu Kim Nham, infatuated with Tran Phuong,

So it’s crazy, crazy.”

She is foolish but “invaluable talent”, is rumored to have a good singing talent. It proves that Xuy Van is also a talented woman. In addition, the admission “Father Kim Nham, infatuated with Tran Phuong / So crazy crazy.” by Xuy Van, clearly depicts the inner struggles of the character.

At the beginning of the excerpt, Xuy Van directly expressed her pain and regret:

“It really hurts.

Than with Mrs. Nguyet.

Beat to paralysis,

Tired of the field.

Take a boat to the river,

Bitch, fucker.”

She suffered so much that she cried and lamented with Mr. To and Mrs. Nguyet. Xuy Van blamed her unfinished fate, missed the village. Due to jostling circumstances, she was forced to follow “So I have to follow the boat, / Because of the river, I have to follow the boat,” and then fell into tragedy.

Not only stopping at suffering and grief, she also expressed her shame and humiliation through the sentence “Without moon and wind, we will meet people with wind and moon”. Xuy Van realized that she was not “windy moon”, just because she met a rich and amorous man, she fell in love. Aware of the mistake, she advises everyone to keep to the standard, the essence of the woman “Moon wind wears moon wind, / Who keeps the eternal religion, don’t forget”. Xuy Van advises people, but it is also a reminder to herself.

In the chicken song, the bitterness and anger are clearly expressed. She used the image of “chicken”, “peacock” to affirm her helplessness and loss. At the same time, show a sense of position and role of self. She felt that she was inferior, different from her husband. Not only that, the sentence “Who’s neighbor is good, upset by springtime” is repeated twice, emphasizing the frustration and extreme of Xuy Van. She resented the arrangement of her parents. Therefore, she always aspires to have a happy family life like many people:

“Waiting for the rice to ripen,

Let me go reap, let her bring rice.”

When it comes to the part where the story is told, the character is about to sing, and the character reveals his self-consciousness. She was stuck in a love affair with Tran Phuong “I love wormwood, I miss my lover, / I stayed up all year on the night of the five watch.”. Metaphor in the upcoming song: “The perch lies in the puddle of the buffalo’s feet, / Let the five or seven fishing rods enter!” showing the deadlock situation, no way out of Xuy Van. She is like a fish in a small puddle, surrounded by risks and uncertainties. Therefore, Xuy Van always lives in a feeling of insecurity and fear.

In the end, Xuy Van really got into the heart and went crazy in the reverse song. The images and words are linked with irregularities, illogical:

“A bunch of girls wading in the river.

Rats perched on fences, mosquitoes incubated bat wings,

The Buddha broke the deer’s neck,

The egg that lifted the crow to sit on the tree.

In the communal house, there is a hammock, a hammock,

[…] Ride a chicken and go to war!”

It showed that she really lost her sanity in both her actions and words. Only people who are mentally unstable can hardly distinguish between forward and backward. The seemingly meaningless verses open up a complex and rich inner life with confusions. At this time, Xuy Van had really lost herself and was completely disoriented.

Besides the lines, Xuy Van’s mood is also described through actions such as singing, speaking, and dancing. She danced the dance of catching spiders, spinning silk, weaving on the drums, and sang and laughed at the same time. These actions show Xuy Van’s burning desire for a happy married life. She also wants to be a good wife. However, reality makes that dream far away. At the end of the reverse song, she went in, laughing hysterically, highlighting her lack of clarity, pain, and despair.

Besides the content element, the art is also an important aspect that contributes to the success of the excerpt. Cheo class “Xuy Van fake wild” is used by the folk author to speak in a typical voice: slang, slurs, historical melodies, combined with cheo singing tunes such as hitchhiking, wild chicken, etc. about to, deviate, sing backwards. Cheo language has bold folk colors, using folk songs, folk songs and traditional poetic forms. In addition, the stage instructions: sound of drums, dance actions, singing, gestures, gestures help the play to be smoother and more attractive.

Thus, through the rowing class “fake wild Xuy Van”, we can see the desire for happiness, the desire to live the real life of the character Xuy Van. At the same time, he expressed his compassion and deep sympathy for the situation of women in the ancient society.

In short, amidst the blooming of thousands of entertainment forms, ancient rowing has always had a strong vitality, enduring with time. The excerpt “Xùy Vân is fake” in particular and “Kim Nham” in general still hold a special place in the hearts of Vietnamese people.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
To analyze the fake Xuy Van, you need to analyze and evaluate both the content and the art of the excerpt. Through the above article, students will have more suggestions when writing an analysis and evaluation of a literary work in the 10th Literature program. In addition, you can read other 10th grade sample essays such as:
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