Analysis of Xuy Van’s mood in the fake Xuy Van excerpt

Analysis of Xuy Van’s mood in the fake Xuy Van excerpt

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The feelings of the character Xuy Van have been clearly expressed through the class of rowing Xuy Van fake wild, Literature 10, Connecting knowledge with life, Semester I. Please refer to the detailed outline and sample essay. below to know how to write the article Analysis of the mood of Xuy Van in the fake Xuy Van.

Topic: Analyzing the mood of Xuy Van in the fake Xuy Van

Analysis of fake Zui Van

I. Outline to analyze the mood of Xuy Van in the fake Xuy Van:

1. Opening lesson:
– Introduction of texts and cheo books.
– Character introduction.
2. Body of the article:
a. Briefly describe the characters and main content of the rowing class:
– The main content of the rowing class: the inner conflicts of the character Xuy Van.
– Brief description of the character: The character introduces himself in the title:
The name is Xuyen Van.
+ It is rumored to sing well.
+ Phu Kim Nham, infatuated with Tran Phuong to the point of madness and madness.
b. Analyzing the mood of the character Xuyen Van:
* Reasons for the character’s fake actions:
– Do Xuy Van wants Kim Nham to free her to follow Tran Phuong’s seduction and flirting.
* Mood of the character Xuyen Van:
– Feel sorry for your own fate, find yourself unfinished, miss the village in love affairs:
+ “It’s really painful / Coal with Mrs. Nguyet”: in pain, I have to complain with Mr. To and Mrs. Nguyet, blaming the fate of missing the village.
+ Called the boat, but the boat did not respond: fate was not as expected.
+ “So I have to follow the boat, so I have to follow the river, so I have to follow the boat”: because fate pushed and arranged, Xuy Van was forced to follow.
+ “If you don’t want to go home, go home / live for them to criticize, you laugh”: accept but unhappy happiness is forced to separate.
– Shame, regret for helping Kim Nham to follow Tran Phuong:
+ “I clasped my hands and begged you not to smile / I did not meet the wind and moon again”: ashamed of myself for being unfaithful.
+ “Whoever keeps the eternal religion, do not forget”: advise everyone to keep morality.
– Feeling lonely, lost:
+ The image of a wild chicken mixed with a peacock is used to describe the lostness of Xuy Van.
– Feelings of bitterness, anger, regret:
+ “The bitterness can’t be tolerated, smack!
+ “Who knows, sad by Xuan Xuan” repeated twice has emphasized the frustration and sadness of Xuy Van at the arrangement of her parents.
– Desire, hope for a happy married life:
The man reaps the rice, and the wife brings the rice.
+ Silk spinning dance, weaving.
=> Wish to become a good wife, good daughter-in-law.
– The mood of sadness and stalemate is expressed through the passage of sad history, about to sing:
+ Remember the lover’s love to insomnia.
+ “The perch lies in the puddle of the buffalo’s feet / Let the fishing rods come in!”: Xùy Vân feels that she has lost her freedom.
– Suffering so much that it is no longer awake enough:
+ How to relate images and things in an unusual way in the reverse song.
+ The act of walking and laughing madly.
c. Character rating:
– The character Xuyen Van is both pitiful and reprehensible.
Through the character, we can see:
+ Xuy Van’s desire to live as herself.
+ Sympathy for the situation arranged by the parents of women in the old society.
3. Conclusion:
Affirm feelings, thoughts about the character.

Phan Thiet Tam Trang Xuy Van in the business trip Xuy Van Gia Dai

Sample essay analyzing character Xuy Van

II. Sample essay analyzing the mood of Xuy Van in the fake Xuy Van:

Cheo play “Kim Nham” is considered as one of the most typical and best cheo plays of ancient Vietnamese cheo. In which, “Xùy Vân is fake” is an outstanding excerpt that is extremely loved by the audience. The inner conflicts of the character Xuy Van have been nicely portrayed by the folk author through the passage.

Before delving into the character’s mood analysis, we need to clarify the cause of Xuy Van’s foolish actions. This stems from the fact that after marrying Kim Nham, she always had to live in loneliness, far from her husband. While waiting for Kim Nham to return, Xuy Van met Tran Phuong and was flirted with and seduced by him. Before the sweet words, Xuy Van fell in love, pretended to be crazy to get her husband back to freedom and follow her mistress. The excerpt “Xuy Van fakes a fool” is the scene where she sets up a crazy drama to cover her husband’s eyes.

In the confession, Xuy Van introduced herself that:

“Do not hide anything, Xuy Van is me,

Although foolish, talented is priceless,

People say that I sing well, strangely,

Everyone calls her Xuy Van.

Phu Kim Nham, infatuated with Tran Phuong,

So it’s crazy, crazy.”

Only a small passage, but readers and viewers already know the character’s name and talent. Xuy Van realized that although she was foolish, she had high talent and was rumored to have a good singing talent. Not only that, in the introduction, she admitted to herself, “Father Kim Nham, infatuated with Tran Phuong, / So crazy, crazy.”. Through the above excerpt, we partly understand the character’s personality and situation.

Obviously, in the entire excerpt, the characters’ language and actions reveal internal conflicts. First of all, it is a state of pain, shame, feeling helpless, lost in love affairs. She suffered so much that she had to cry and complain to Mr. To and Mrs. Nguyet. She stood calling for a boat, but the call kept ringing, no one answered “I called for a boat, that boat didn’t say”. The more she waits, the more the character falls into despair, “the more noon the boat ride”, forcing her to shrug, to comply with the will of others:

“So I have to take the boat,

Far from the river, I had to take a boat,

Because it’s dark, I have to depend on her to sell goods.”

It showed the pitiful situation she had to endure. Because fate pushed her, she was forced to follow. However, even when accepted, happiness is not as desired. Therefore, she came to the decision to separate. “If you don’t have to be married, then go home.

Xuy Van went from suffering to humiliation and shame. She begged for everyone’s understanding because she wasn’t sloppy, she couldn’t keep herself down because she met someone who had a crush on her, “I clasped my hands and begged you not to laugh/ I didn’t meet people with wind and moon. “. Aware of that wrong action, she advised everyone to maintain morality: “Moon wind when wearing moon wind, / Who keep the eternal religion, don’t forget”. She reminds everyone but also reminds herself.

Not only that, Xuy Van also expressed her bitterness and anger in the song of the wild chicken. She identified herself as a stupid wild chicken, mixed with the tall, beautiful “peacocks”. Xuy Van uses the image of “chicken”, “peacock” to express loneliness and loss. In terms of both social status and role in the family, she finds herself inferior to Kim Nham. So much so that I had to say: “Bitter can’t stand it, bro!”. Rhetorical question “Which to neighbor who or?” accentuated her plight. Xuy Van cannot share suffering with anyone. In particular, the phrase “Who’s good neighbor, upset by spring” emphasizes her anger and frustration at the arrangement of her parents.

Despite her unhappiness in life, she never stopped dreaming and aspiration for a happy family life:

“Waiting for the rice to ripen,

Let me go reap, let her bring rice.”

She looked forward to the time when the rice was bright yellow all over the field for her husband to reap while the wife brought rice. Obviously, Xuy Van also wants to be a good wife, a good wife. This is shown through the lively and skillful action of catching spiders, spinning silk, and weaving. However, that simple, simple life is just a distant dream.

The slow, humming style in the part of saying sad and about to sing has expressed a warm mood. She loved her lover until she couldn’t sleep and then likened herself to: “The perch lies in the puddles of the buffalo’s feet / Let the five or seven fishing rods enter!”. The narrow, cramped space always contains many uncertainties and risks that make her feel insecure. The impact from the outside made her feel tortured, miserable, no longer free.

In the end, the suffering was so extreme that she could not keep her sanity and went crazy. The reverse song depicts the character’s crazy mood very honestly and vividly:

“The rice drum, who skillfully pats the cotton,

A group of girls wading in the river.

[…] Ride a chicken and go to war!”

The images and things are related in an unusual and unreasonable way. Only crazy people can’t distinguish between forward and backward. The meaningless words combined with the crazy action of walking and laughing at the same time accentuated the confusion, despair, and disorientation.

Following the entire text, Xuy Van is both pitiful and reprehensible. Pity because she fell into an arranged marriage, no love. Blame her because she does not know how to keep virtue. Thus, through the passage, the folk author wants to promote fidelity in the husband and wife relationship. At the same time, showing sympathy for the status of women in the feudal society.

Xuy Van’s desire for happiness is legitimate, but it can’t be fulfilled in the era of emphasizing masculinity. Understanding and sympathizing with the character, we realize the content, the deep and human meaning of the excerpt.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The character Xuy Van has left us with so much sympathy and pity about the status of women in the ancient society. To analyze the mood of the character Xuy Van, you need to clarify the cause of the character’s crazy act. Then focus on clarifying the inner conflicts. In addition to the analysis of Xuy Van’s mood in the fake Xuy Van, you can refer to other 10th grade sample essays such as: Analysis of fake Zui Vanwish you good study in this 10th subject.

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