Ancient survival game Open Beta SEA region January 6, 2022

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2022-01-02 11:13:33

INTERNATIONAL_ Chimeraland is an exciting open-world adventure and survival game that is about to open Southeast Asia at the beginning of the new year.

The latest information about the ancient survival game Chimeraland that the game will officially launch on January 6, 2022 in the SEA region for Android, iOS. The game has a Chinese release called Vong Tuong Son Hai, and the Taiwanese version is Vong Tuong Son Hai Can Khon.

Products distributed by Tencent’s international game publishing division: Proxima Beta Pte.

The notice is posted in Thai as follows:

” Survival MMO Chimeraland ดีไซน์ตัวละครได้อิสระ โดดเด่นด้วย Open world แบบไร้รอยต่อครอบคลุมพื้นที่ทั่วโลก(ไปจนถึงอวกาศ) แต่ละโซนมีปัจจัยที่แตกต่างกันทั้ง มอนสเตอร์, วัตถุดิบ, ทรัพยากร, สภาพอากาศ, ภัยธรรมชาติ ภายในเกมเพื่อนๆสามารถทำอาหาร, จับสัตว์, สร้างอุปกรณ์, นำสินค้าลงประมูล, ล่าบอส, สร้างบ้าน ฯลฯ…”.

The survival MMO game Chimeraland has diverse character design, open world adventure. Each space has different elements such as monsters, materials, resources, weather, and natural disasters that allow you to experience realistically. You can cook, catch animals, craft equipment, auction items, hunt animals, build houses… with friends.”

You can experience the game at SEA server easily

You can experience the game at SEA server easily

You will find equipment, mining tools, find food, build your own house as well as tame animals to live.

The animals in Tencent’s mobile game have a very unique design, seemingly no game has before. Pictures of animals with strange combinations and hybrids with human heads, birds, sea wolves, rhinoceroses, ancient phoenixes… You will tame them so that they turn into effective assistants for you.

This MMO role-playing product possesses top-notch Unreal Engine graphics, providing a sharp, colorful and realistic visual experience. Not only that, the sound is also delicately processed to bring a unique feeling.

Don’t forget to download and test the feeling on the hand of Chimeraland mobile game on January 6, and leave your comments and feelings under this article with us.

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