Antutu Galaxy A14 surpasses 300,000 points

Antutu Galaxy A14 surpasses 300,000 points


2023-04-25 01:34:41

Samsung Galaxy A14 is a newly launched phone, shaped as a low-cost phone model suitable for students and students. So, is the Antutu score of this phone worth expecting? Let’s find out the article below!

Antutu Galaxy A14 surpasses 300,000 points – Is it worth it?

I. Antutu overview of Samsung Galaxy A14

1. Samsung Galaxy A14’s Antutu Score

Samsung Galaxy A14 has an overall Antutu score of 317,445, a remarkable number in the mid-range segment thanks to the use of the powerful Exynos 850 chip. According to evaluation, Galaxy A14 has a higher Antutu score than last year’s low-cost segment but is far behind newly launched competitors in the same segment. For example, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 with a high score of 375,373.

Samsung Galaxy A14 with Exynos 850 chip

Samsung Galaxy A14 with Exynos 850 chip

In terms of CPU score, the Galaxy A14 reached 76,270 a relative figure that helps demonstrate the ability to handle tasks faster and smoother. Meanwhile, the GPU score will reflect the ability to handle graphics (especially when playing games) of the machine reaching 80,853 points.

MEM score with the ability to write and read data from RAM, the machine reached 72,187 points – a relatively good number in the segment under 5 million. Finally, the UX score is the overall representative of the “user experience” of the Galaxy A14, reaching 89,679.

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2. What can this antutu point do?


With products from Samsung with a popular price segment, the performance of the device is also much better. So if you are looking for a cheap machine that can still easily play games, this is a great choice.

First, with the game Lien Quan Mobile, when the game’s data has been fully downloaded, the image quality level can be pushed up to High, HD resolution at Super high, the FPS level is quite stable at 59 – 60, but when there is a fight, the machine has a slight drop at 52 – 54 FPS. But the lag phenomenon is not too much, so it does not affect the player’s experience.

Experience the game on Galaxy A14

Experience the game on Galaxy A14

With PUBG Mobile, when adjusting the device in graphics mode Smooth, Extremely High the machine brings a good, smooth experience. The FPS phenomenon remains stable, only when there are phases of driving, aiming, the machine has a slight drop at 55 but it is not too annoying to the user’s experience.

Another important advantage of the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G is its 6.6-inch wide screen with Full HD + resolution, making the entertainment experience more satisfying than ever. The special feature of the Galaxy A14 is that it has a huge battery capacity of up to 5000 mAh to help players feel more secure without worrying too much about the battery problem of the device.

II. Some phone models have Antutu scores equal to Galaxy A14

You can refer to some other phone models with scores close to the Galaxy A14 through the following spec sheet:

Through the above article brought to you Antutu score of Samsung Galaxy A14 phone, hope you will have more useful information about the product and quickly bring this phone back to Mobile World. Wish you have the best experience.

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