App Toss walk to make money online, how to withdraw money, redeem rewards

App Toss walk to make money online, how to withdraw money, redeem rewards

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Not only exercising, improving health, but now walking also helps you make money easily thanks to The Toss or Toss Walk application. Just a few steps to do on this app, the more you walk, the more money you will earn. Currently, this app is being downloaded by a lot of people. The following is some useful information about App Toss walking to earn money such as how to withdraw money, redeem rewards. The same reference to use this application effectively.

Along with the dynamic lifestyle of modern society, the sports app, physical health training On Iphone, Android phones are becoming more and more popular and used by many people. However, not stopping there, some apps also help you make your fitness and running determination by making money online from the number of activities performed. Typical of the applications mentioned is Toss app.

Learn how to withdraw money, redeem rewards on App Toss walking to earn money

To help you better understand the Toss money-making application, including: how to make money, withdraw money from Toss, synthesizes and edits the article below, invite you to read and refer.

1. What is Toss?

Toss is a money walking application developed by the Korean provider Viva Republica. With more than 20 million downloads from iOS and Android phones from users around the world, Toss is bringing a lot of benefits to users from walking, watching a few ads on the Toss app.

In Vietnam, the Toss application has attracted more than 1 million downloads and uses. Along with many attractive features such as receiving money by inviting friends, counting steps and converting it to cash, recharge your phone, Toss is an application that brings many benefits in terms of health, economy and interested by a large number of users.

Benefits of using Toss

Some features and benefits of using the Toss walking app to make money APK can be mentioned as:

– Create healthy walking habits for users.
– Earn money from walking: Download and use Toss, you get max 1000 VND for maximum 10,000 steps. You can exchange them for cash via your CIMB bank account or recharge your phone. In addition, you will also receive 4,900 VND in your account if you refer friends to use the app. (VND 1,900 higher than previous bonus points (VND 3,000))

Thus, with the Toss application, the more you walk, the more money you will earn and vice versa. The Toss app won’t make you rich, however, it will help you improve your health and earn some cash from your walking efforts.

Toss is so easy

What application is Toss? Is The Toss Walk a scam? How to make money from Toss?

2. How to use Toss

* Download the Toss app

First, to be able to use Toss, you need to download the Toss walking app to make money on your device. To quickly do this, you can download the Toss Walk application by following the download link below:

=> Link to download Toss for Android

=> Link to download Toss for iPhone

* How to install Toss

After downloading the Toss application to your device, you need to open the application and follow the instructions below to install it.

Step 1: Press select “allow access to get bonus points while walking” through step counting and google Fid (step recording), press “next” and select a gmail account to continue using Toss.

Tai Toss goes to earn money

Step 2: Next, you need to press “allow” to give Toss permission to see your gender, date of birth, view your mileage and speed data in Google Fit, and use Google Fid to view and save your physical activity data.

What is Toss?

Step 3: Enter your phone number, enter the OTP authentication code to start using the application.

Sign in to Gmail, enter your phone number, enter the confirmation code, confirm your agreement to the terms of the application and use.

Toss to earn money APK

* How to use Toss

How to make money from Toss by walking: To use Toss, you just need to turn on GPS positioning on your phone, press allow Toss application to access location and start walking so that the application counts the number of steps and calculates points. Toss will pay 1 VND for 20 walking steps you can take and pay up to 10,000 steps (equivalent to 1000 VND/day).

– How to make money from Toss by referring friends: For each friend you refer to using the Toss app using the link you send, you will earn an additional 4,900 VND into your account..

– How to make money from Toss by opening a CIMB bank card: When opening a Toss account, you will receive a lot of incentives from Toss such as getting 2x rewards per day, 2x walking bonuses per day, special boxes for daily rewards, free card issuance, free card delivery fee, free ATM withdrawal,…

Note: Currently, the Toss application also allows users to make money from traveling by motorbike or car. Accordingly, with a distance of 1km, you will receive 1 gift in the bonus box to use.

3. How to withdraw money from Toss walking app to earn money

– After walking, referring friends and earning a decent amount of money from your actions, you can withdraw money from Toss by creating a Toss account with CIMB Vietnam (this is a branch of the Group) CIMB, a leading global bank in ASEAN). The entire bank withdrawal process takes place in 5 minutes on mobile and is free of charge, ATM withdrawals and transfers afterwards.

– In addition, you can also use the money, rewards earned to recharge the phone. you just need to provide the letters in your phone number with the provider, the money will be loaded into your phone within 5s.

How to earn money from Toss

How to withdraw money in Toss, tips to withdraw money from Toss app quickly and easily

4. Frequently asked questions about Toss walking for money

4.1. User reviews about the Toss . app

In Vietnam, Toss is receiving more than 1 million downloads and 52,783 comments. The average user rating of the app is 4.5*

Is The Toss safe?

Review of the Toss app, is The Toss safe

4.2. Toss walking for money scam?

Walking while earning money makes many people doubt the safety of this application. However, before downloading and using the Toss application, many people are still skeptical and think that Toss walking to make money scam, Toss Walk is a scam. However, with the reviews of the Toss application on Google Play, it can be seen that walking and making money from Toss is completely real. Some of the bad feedback only revolved around an error when using the application or a long withdrawal time.

4.3. Hack Toss walking to earn money

A few tips Hack Toss Walk, Hack Toss walking to earn money such as turning on GPS, letting Toss access the location on the phone and moving on the bike, bus, shaking the phone to create movement, fake GPS, … , shared by many people on the internet. However, according to’s research, this is not very effective, but it may also cause you to be locked for bonus points, unable to exchange money or redeem rewards from your own efforts.

Thus, has shared with you an overview of information about Toss application, helping you better understand App Toss walking to earn money, how to withdraw money, redeem detailed rewards. Hope the information in this article is useful to you, helping you answer the question Is The Toss safe? Toss Walk is a scam and choose the most effective online money walking application for you.

Along with Toss, Google Fit, Pacer, Fitbit, …, are also accurate and effective walking step counting applications that are used by many people today. For details about the ranking order as well as user reviews about these applications, readers can learn more at the Top sharing article. App walking to earn money reputation of

Not only supporting making money by exercising, online money making apps now also support you to make money by journaling, conducting market surveys, taking photos, listening to music, .. To be able to research and start making money online, increasing income on the internet effectively, you can’t ignore the shared article. Prestigious foreign money making app Compiled and edited by’s team of financial editors.

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