AutoChess MOBA opens early registration for experience and sets a launch date

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2022-11-24 14:03:58

AutoChess MOBA – tactical arena game, has just opened international beta that many gamers have been waiting for in this 2022.

AutoChess is a dignity board game developed by Drodo Studio based on the Dota 2 module. After its launch in January 2019, this game not only made it into fun gameplay, but actually became should eat. A unique experience for players with Dota 2 heroes.

As soon as information about the automatic dignity chess moba mobile game project appeared, players were very excited, thinking that this will most likely be a mobile game version of Dota 2.


  • first Beautiful graphics of AutoChess
  • 2 Attractive gameplay
  • 3 Summary

Beautiful graphics of AutoChess

It is not difficult to see that the design style of AutoChess MOBA is deeply influenced by Dota 2, but the game still has its own differences, such as character creation or the detail of the in-game map.

AutoChess MOBA’s hero creation method is very similar to Dota 2’s hero, the hero’s characteristics remain the same but with modifications. As for the minion, there is a clear difference, the red side will have a rougher, more aggressive appearance and the blue side will be softer.

The form of the jungle is relatively simple, although different, but not as clear and diverse as Dota 2. In addition, the view from above makes distinguishing different types of monsters more difficult.

The Dota 2 map is used to create the AutoChess MOBA competition map. Different colored sides divide the AutoChess MOBA map by the Dota 2 side, with the red side being darker than the blue side. Additionally, many Dota 2 maps feature camps, beacons, or “roshans” in the same layout. AutoChess MOBA map is bigger than other similar MOBA maps.

The visual accuracy of the heroes and their skills is impressive. Each pose presents high quality, sharp images thanks to light reflections, shadows, and other effects. Movement is also very smooth, making it easy to follow the hero’s actions with the naked eye.

Attractive gameplay

AutoChess MOBA gameplay will have similarities with other MOBA games. In the game, the player must choose a hero character, assemble an army and then join the battle with the enemy to destroy their main residence.

AutoChess MOBA has some similarities with Dota 2’s equipment system. The game features a hero selection that includes four active skills and one passive skill. In addition, the game has the same equipment system as Dota 2.

In AutoChess MOBA, new game mechanics include buying items with magic and getting bases. No handling required, players enjoy Dota 2-like features such as turret damage and summoner spells.

The game has many features similar to other games such as shop, see the hero you own and see the ranking score. Two game modes are available in AutoChess MOBA: Ranked Mode and Practice Mode.


The MOBA AutoChess game is similar to the popular Dota 2 game in ways that appeal to fans of the latter game. Of course, some of the self-built Dota 2 mechanics or modes aren’t available, but the game quality is really good. Join Mot Game to watch the announcement to quickly experience the good game.

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