Backfire, the new Ping system makes the toxic situation more serious

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2022-11-24 04:04:07

Instead of improving coordination in the game, the Ping system made the toxic problem much more serious in the Pre-Season.

Version 12.22 of League of Legends brings players countless major changes to the experience and gameplay, including a new Ping system. Although built with the purpose of giving players more opportunities to better communicate with teammates during the match. However, some players take advantage of this new Ping system to curse and say harsh words to teammates.

Following the innovations in patch 12.22, the new Ping system in Pre-Season will help players quickly communicate with each other more accurately during the match. With the arrival of 4 brand new picks and the addition of vision warning Ping, matches in League of Legends are expected to feature even more exemplary combinations in the future.

New Ping system is built to improve coordination and communication between players in the match

However, with more options in the Ping system and the creativity of players. They have developed insights that go beyond the basic concept of new types of Ping, thereby exploiting them to become toxic actions in the game.

The new Ping system is designed to make it easier for players to express their will in the match, coupled with a voting system to take down the big target, many players have come to believe that the matches The upcoming game of League of Legends will enhance teamwork to win together. However, some players disagree.

Specifically, a new type of Ping with a shape similar to a fishing hook is being used by players to curse their teammates without having to be banned from chatting. Although this hook-shaped Ping is meant to say that teammates should be bait, attracting and attracting enemies. But for many other players, it is like a rope with the meaning of telling teammates to “hang”.

Humzh – a well-known streamer of the game League of Legends describes Ping “bait” as the only thing that helps in this Pre-Season. Because Riot is now much stricter for toxic situations in the game and players will be more easily punished than usual.

Therefore, players have found the use of Ping “bait” with a rope-like shape to curse other teammates in the match. It seems that Riot’s stricter control of toxic is just giving players the motivation to find other ways to curse teammates in the game.

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