Banned globally for betting, Minas hinted that SBTC was ‘selling out’

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2021-12-23 13:38:40

Minas’ insinuation of SBTC criticism received a lot of hate from fans.

The case of SBTC Esports player League: Wild Rift – Pham “Minas” Minh Phuoc being permanently banned for betting behavior has become a shocking story in the Vietnamese Esports village today. After the official announcement was made, Minas posted a post on her personal page confessing all her mistakes.

Specifically, he admitted to participating in betting on SBTC’s matches, specifically the Icon SEA Series Summer 2021 Final. This player also announced his retirement and apologized to fans. tomb.

It seemed that everything would end there, but just a few minutes ago, Minas suddenly posted another status with extremely controversial content. In this post, the SBTC player repeatedly hinted that he was “sold out” by the organization, as well as intended to blame SBTC for recording his betting confession to report to Riot. Games.

Minas asserts that: “Can I play alone in the crowd?” and “The organization asked me and recorded it to send to Riot, I accepted.” This guy even hinted: “Stupid and believe that person is me […] It also helps me to know who is good and who is bad and who needs to be avoided…”

In general, this status can be understood as Minas feeling dissatisfied, saying that in SBTC, not only he personally bets, but only he is subject to a permanent ban. . And this comes from the initiative of the SBTC Esports Leadership Board to report to Riot Games, so Minas hinted at this organization.

However, this status was removed soon after, due to receiving too much criticism from the online community. Many people think that if Minas herself did wrong, it is natural to have to suffer the consequences, now it is true that she turns to blame the organization for reporting the mistake. As for SBTC, most fans agree with this team’s handling, because if it covers Minas’ betting behavior, even the organization will be involved.

In general, Minas betting is something that the player himself has admitted, so the penalty given is reasonable. Talking about the “permanent ban” period, Riot Games also explained that this penalty is also based on Minas’ criminal record while playing in League of Legends (nighting with BOBA Marines), so instead of being banned. has a time limit like most other betting cases, he must bear the highest penalty for his violation.

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