Binh Thanh Di Van Luc

Binh Thanh Di Van Luc

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2023-01-24 05:08:52

Binh Thanh Di Van Luc is currently opening an early test for the Chinese market for Android users.

As the first product of TimiChita – a studio from China, Binh Thanh Di Van Luc is built as a role-playing game that combines many novel elements in combat with an anime-style graphics background and a storyline. invested stories. The game promises to be a new experience for players during Tet this year. Currently the game is open for limited testing for Android operating system from January 22 to February 5.

The story of Binh Thanh Di Van Luc is inspired by the legend of Huaxia culture, the game takes place in a fantasy world where humans and other races such as dragons, demons, and love live together in peace. In this world, there has always been a legend about the most powerful god – the Chaos Sphere – which can help the possessor destroy or create an entire reality with a single thought, the legend also mentions shards of holy spirit scattered in this world. However, time has passed too long and things would continue to go by like that if it weren’t for the fact that a human accidentally found a fragment of the holy spirit, from here a bloody battle to take over. This treasure also officially started.

The plot has depth with inspiration from Huaxia culture.

The plot has depth with inspiration from Huaxia culture.

Based on the anime style, Binh Thanh Di Van Luc’s graphics also combine elements of traditional Chinese culture to build the world and characters. Players will have the opportunity to set foot in many lands, from living areas of different races with typical landscapes showing the culture of that race to forbidden areas where no one has ever set foot. . The characters in the game will represent different races, they are designed with a unique shape that is both beautiful and sophisticated in costumes to show their personality and race.

Belonging to the action role-playing genre, the product from TimiChita offers a fast-paced combat gameplay that focuses on skill combinations and flexible character switching to optimize damage. Each player’s squad will include up to four characters, there will be no restrictions in building a squad, the warriors in Binh Thanh Di Van Luc are also diverse in skill sets, races, and strengths. different qualities.

In addition to the usual game modes such as the story or the 1vs1 arena, Binh Thanh Di Van Luc also gives players a 1vs39 battle royale mode where players and other players will both have to fight each other and pay attention. To the poison rounds as well as the remaining time of the match, the winner will be the last survivor and win many rare resources and equipment. Besides, the dungeon is also a good choice for players, especially when forming a team to overcome with friends.

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