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2022-11-18 08:46:16

Bunny Park is a simulation game to build a park for rabbits, but the experience is very different from what the writer originally envisioned. The game belongs to the idle game series for those who do not have a lot of time, focusing a lot on the logical graphics elements and the gameplay does not require as much interaction or concentration as usual. Instead, you just set everything up so it works on its own, every now and then it just takes a little tweaking. The game experience begins with cleaning up the park area by interacting with items like grass or wooden sticks.

These operations are simple, but reward you with money used to buy decorative items for the park, such as paths or fences and more. Raising rabbits of course requires growing crops for their food, and the simulation experience also means you can interact with the rabbits to some extent. Different types of vegetables will attract different rabbit species. They are all cute with their own personalities and names, with different likes and dislikes. From food are different types of vegetables, to items that players decorate the park.

Bunny Park’s gameplay is heavy on relaxation. You can clearly see this from the soft background music that repeats profusely throughout the duration of the play. Initially, everything was operated manually through player interaction. But when you earn enough money, you can buy Bot-terfly types that help automate the experience. For example, they can help you take care of and clean up the rabbit’s waste. With more money, you can also expand the land to build the park and the experience repeats itself, without requiring much management and player interaction.

Even Bunny Park is more casual than Before We Leave. The game features a cute graphic style, which also doesn’t make you tired of spinning around with the usual management elements. The rabbits are fastidious with a clear love and hate for food and decorations, but they are not destructive or annoying to the player. However, the camera is quite frustrating for the writer, especially when it is necessary to rotate the perspective. However, it only stops at a slightly annoying level, not to the point of ruining the game’s ‘chill’ experience.

The biggest problem with Bunny Park is that the experience happens at a rather slow pace and the amount of content is not enough to keep the experience long. Although this is a common problem with most idle games, I don’t like being dependent on the time of the game seasons to unlock corresponding decorations. Because, while the gameplay aspects are almost all automated, the decoration is the only element that the player has to manually choose and arrange to suit the likes and dislikes of the rabbits.

Review game Bunny Park

After all, Bunny Park offers an interesting simulation experience of building a rabbit park, aimed at players who do not have much time but still have simple entertainment needs. This makes the game unsuitable for the masses, especially those looking for a simulation experience with complex management elements. If you like simple, easy to play, highly automated games with cute graphics, this is a name worth considering.

Bunny Park is available for PC (Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Bunny Park
Bunny Park

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