Call of Dragons – Farlight Games’ MMOSLG released on March 28

Call of Dragons – Farlight Games’ MMOSLG released on March 28

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2023-03-18 15:26:05

Hugely successful role-playing game Dislyte, Farlight Games continues to release the fantasy MMOSLG game Call of Dragons.

The Call of Dragons game will release on PC and mobile platforms on March 28, 2023. The fantasy theme combined with real-time strategic warfare in Call of Dragons provides an enjoyable experience for players. play.

The land of Tamaris has been invaded by the Behemoths – gigantic ancient creatures like Snakes, Lizards, Birds, and mighty and ferocious Dragons. Battle with your allies to tame these creatures, training them to be your ultimate weapon.

There are many wondrous races inhabiting the land of Tamaris such as Noble Fairies, mighty Orc Monsters, cunning Wood Gods, Tree Gods of wisdom, mighty Forest Eagles and otherworldly angels. All of the above races can join your forces and direct them to victory.

Join the game you will come into contact with a Behemoth team fighting for control of neighboring kingdoms; Form alliances with other players after strengthening your base, build forces to develop the alliance. Call of Dragons builds beautiful landscapes with impressive graphics.

The game allows you to search, recruit many heroes and form special factions in Call of Dragons. Players can complete missions, starting with a variety of tactical options.

Players raise dragons from eggs to adult dragons and order them to sweep the battlefield. This is an interesting dragon summoning game that you should not miss. Players can also tame them to join their alliance, use them to defeat rival dragons, resolve clan disputes, and pursue the ultimate goal.

Call of Dragons is an experience that combines PVP mechanics with rich fantasy lore that allows for a variety of experiences from context to gameplay. The game officially opened on March 28 and currently allows pre-registration to receive attractive gifts.


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