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2021-12-22 14:54:55

Thinking that there would be a summer vacation like going to a 5-star resort, Jez did not expect that he was a rare survivor of an unbelievable massacre.

In recent years, before the Covid epidemic emerged, the summer camp model was flourishing throughout Vietnam as a form of useful rest for students after a school year. There are many models introduced such as military semester, summer retreat, tourism discovery summer camp, art creative summer camp… This model is not new in Western countries when students spend semesters. Take a long vacation to summer camps designed similar to tourist resorts. Trips will last from 1 to several weeks and have many options.

The story of Camp Sunshine takes place in one of these summer camps.

The story begins with the boy Jez while sitting in the car with his mother to the summer camp. He was annoyed that he was forced to go on a summer vacation away from home, leaving behind friends and video games. His mother was also apprehensive, but it was their best option. Jez had to leave for a few days so his parents could have some privacy to deal with their divorce. Neither of them wanted Jez to see the pain of seeing how they agreed to split the family.

Jez was ushered into the Camp Sunshine summer camp administrator’s office and greeted by the manager. After greeting and announcing some basic rules, Jez was led back to the house where he would be staying. He will stay with another friend named Jack in a private bungalow style house. The two greeted briefly and climbed into bed because it was already late at night.

Jez’s sleep stopped at midnight when he heard strange noises in the room. Groping in the dark, he walked over to Jack’s bed but noticed the blood trailing from the center of the room to where he slept. Jez panicked, opened his bag, put on his normal clothes, grabbed a flashlight, and ran outside to see the situation. The darkness outside made the light of his flashlight something extremely remarkable. A bear mascot of the camp with a sharp knife appeared, causing him to run away and hide in a grove of trees.

This bear seems to be a killer dressed in mascot costume with a ghostly rumbling voice. It couldn’t find Jez, so it turned and left. Jez ducked back out, but he was also sure that the bear wouldn’t go far, running the risk of tripping over it in the middle of the road again.

Jez discovered near where he stood there was a large map, this could be useful for search and rescue, so he quickly tore it down and brought it with him. The house right where he stood had a human body cut in two, he quickly ran into the house to see if anyone was still alive but inside only saw the other half of the victim. On the wall was an inscription “more to come” written in blood indicating that the killer was not a targeted type but a serial killer.

On the next table were a few torn sheets of paper. One said to find all the memorabilia of the past and burn it. The other is a diary entry dated June 20, 1964.

It is the diary of a married couple, Jacob Illerman and Wendy. They are delighted to find a job as a summer camp manager at Big Bear Summer Camp. The wife is pregnant with their child, so both are delighted to receive the perfect job. This will be a place for them to relax and welcome their child in a peaceful natural setting as well as a stable source of income.

When we arrived, it was already dark, so the couple went to bed. That night, Jacob was awakened by a noise and when he looked out over the small island in the middle of the camp, he saw two dark figures dancing around the fire like some sort of ritual. The locals are weird.

Wendy suddenly wakes up and reports that her water has broken, about to give birth. Jacob quickly got up to prepare to give birth to his wife.

Jez thought that the diaries might reveal the reason behind this strange massacre, so he decided to find more to clarify the story of the couple. He goes to a luxury motel and meets a girl who is still alive inside. She pretends to be a rich lady complaining about a broken hot water system and ignores Jez’s warnings about the killer out there. The girl also revealed that she found some torn pages that she couldn’t understand at all. Jez knew that they were hidden diary pages, but the girl made a condition that he only give them to him when she helped her restore the hot water system.

Jez immediately followed the girl’s instructions to the heating system operator’s house to find a maintenance worker. Fortunately he is still alive but cannot fix the pipes because… afraid of rats and the main door leading down to the water heater is also stuck. He immediately asked Jez to climb down by the side alley and adjust the drain valves to keep the pipeline clear and restart the pump. When Jez finished and came back up, he realized that the bear had found him while he was still in the basement and killed the maintenance worker.

Unable to do anything more, Jez sadly returned to the girl. True to the agreement, the rich girl let Jez take the diaries she kept in the drawer. This diary is dated June 21, 1964.

Jacob took Wendy to the hospital but the doctor informed her that she had a postpartum complication and died. They only kept his newborn son. Jacob cried loudly and promised his wife that they would take good care of their son Isaac.

On June 28, 1964, Jacob buried his wife and was actively comforted by the pastor in charge of the funeral. He helped Jacob understand that now he must devote all his love and effort to taking care of Isaac. Raising chicks is not an easy task. That night, a mysterious shadow approaches Wendy’s grave.

Jez found another house in the camp, in which there was an old woman glued to the TV screen as if lost her soul. No matter what he called him, he couldn’t wake this person up, so Jez immediately took drastic measures. He went outside and cut the power cord at the electrical box leading to the house, causing the house to lose power. Only then did the old woman come out of her fascination with the TV and show him the strange papers she had found in the house. It was part of a diary dated June 30, 1964.

2 days after burying his wife, Jacob returned to his job as a summer camp manager when summer officially began and they opened their doors to guests like every year. Carrying the newborn baby on his back, Jacob tries to do his job while taking care of Isaac for his wife.

That evening, there continued to be dancing figures around the fire in the island area. Jacob angrily thinks this is a joke of the new arrivals, but when he goes to check, they are all asleep in the house. There was a history book that fell in the middle of the house as if someone hastily took it out and forgot it.

Jez finds the camp’s frozen storage of food, but it is lined up with a series of crates. He had to push them away to open the entrance inside. In the cupboard in the corner of the warehouse are diary pages dated June 26, 1965. Summer camp entered its second year, the new arrivals were arranged and Jacob quickly returned home to see how his son was doing. He discovered the maid Chu’Mana was doing magic moves in front of Isaac.

Jacob was angry, but Chu’Mana explained that she was only doing tricks to protect Isaac. Jacob expressed distrust of these types of voodoo magic, saying that he was only afraid of affecting Isaac’s spirit. He also asked the maid to remove the monstrous necklace that was hanging around Isaac’s neck.

Jacob received a phone call from his assistant saying that the ordered meat had been delivered. Because the summer camp was small, Jacob had to do some of the work himself, including cooking for the whole camp. When he finished preparing the food, he went to check the cold storage. Jacob suddenly discovered that all the meat in the warehouse was rotting even though it had just been put into the freezer in a fresh state a few hours ago. There is something out of the ordinary here.

Jez wakes up and finds himself on an island in the middle of a lake. Nearby was a tent and inside was a mysterious man dressed as a priest. He called him by name and said that his group needed his help. Jez says he also needs help to get out of this.

He explains that the only way to stop this nightmare is to go through the full pages of the diary and the items mentioned in it. They are memorabilia of the past, so they need to be burned to prevent a great dark force from being summoned to the world. Since Jez is on a journey to find them, it seems that they have the same goal. The man gives Jez a broken necklace and says it will help him contact him with magic and track his location for convenience.

Jez found himself transported back to where he had been reading his diary. He continued walking around the houses in the area. In a large house that looked like an office, Jez heard a soft cry for help. Once inside he found a man covered in blood who was severely injured. He refused to accept help, but told Jez to quickly go inside to save the other girl.

Jez went deep inside and found the girl, but she was dissected by the bear and died. Looking in the drawer, Jez discovered another diary page, but before he could read it, the bear appeared in the middle of the room as if it had a teleportation spell. He chased Jez from upstairs to downstairs and he tripped as he neared the exit. The bear pushed the boy back towards the injured man. He then shouted provoking the bear, causing it to turn to stab him, giving Jez a chance to escape.

After reaching a safe place, Jez immediately opened the diary. It is dated 2/7/1969.

After a few years of operation, many generations of students have come here to relax and some have become collaborators for this summer camp. A girl named Jackie is one of them. She brings along a small hamster that befriends Isaac while helping Jacob prepare for this year’s new students. Jacob was quite pleased with everyone’s help.

However, when the two finished welcoming the new student and returned home, Isaac suddenly put the hamster in his mouth and bit it right in front of the two of them. Jacob was shocked by his son’s extremely brutal actions. That seems to be a very bad omen for the future.

Jez continued his journey and discovered that the camp manager was still alive blocking the door and entrenched in the cafeteria. He said he wouldn’t trust anyone because anyone could be the one under the bear costume. But he gives Jez a chance to go around the camp and help pick 8 white flowers.

Jez just evaded the killer while roaming the large camp and collecting all 8 flowers as required. The manager immediately fulfilled his promise to open the door for Jez to come in. He picked up some dog food and a new diary entry dated July 6, 1971.

Jacob decided to send Isaac to kindergarten when he reached the age, he was also assured because the cost was covered by the company. Jacob goes back to his job as a collaborator in a bear costume celebrates the welcome of new students to summer camp. When it was all over, he enjoyed some free time while waiting for the time to pick up his son. The phone suddenly rang and the nannies informed him that he was going to school urgently.

Jacob ran to the scene to find Isaac had attacked and severely injured another child. He continued to be shocked and accepted threats from the nannies to call the police along with a ban on his son before bringing him home. Jacob brought Isaac back and gave it to Chu’Mana, he couldn’t help but be surprised when he realized that Isaac was only gentle when he was near this maid.

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