Camp Sunshine plot: Visit bloody summer camp – P.End

Camp Sunshine plot: Visit bloody summer camp – P.End


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Jez’s adventures at Camp Sunshine have gradually revealed the dark past of his former manager, but how will he get out?

Jez recalled walking past a house in the camp where a dog was chained outside. Because it was quite afraid of strangers, he couldn’t get close. Now with this dog food he can gain sympathy and approach it more easily. Jez went back to the dog, fed him and checked his body for any injuries. He found a diary page hidden inside the dog’s collar, dated July 8, 1973.

The company eventually agreed to let Jacob hire a cook for the camp. From now on, he has more time for other things and will leave the cooking to someone with more expertise. The new female chef brought a dog named Patches, who happily cooks and cleans while the dog obediently waits. After setting the table in order to prepare a meal for the campers, she scooped up some casserole for Patches to eat first to reward him. Unexpectedly, the dog finished eating and then died.

Jacob received news immediately to investigate and suspect the food has been poisoned. He informed the police and the investigation was taken seriously. They discovered a bottle containing poison was thrown away and brought back for testing. The results reported to Jacob were the only fingerprints found on the potion that matched Isaac’s.

Jacob was surprised that he had assigned Chu’Mana to closely monitor Isaac. The police noted that this time fortunately only one dog died, if Patches did not eat that dish first, the consequences would be extremely serious. Jacob looked for Chu’Mana to ask how Isaac was able to escape and poison like that, but he couldn’t find the maid anywhere.

Jacob immediately called the maid company to ask for contact information for Chu’Mana. However, the company says it has no employees named Chu’Mana, who they sent to Jacob’s house named Judy. Jacob immediately called Judy and realized that the voice was not Chu’Mana and she also said that she was a normal housekeeper at Mr. Jacob’s house but his son’s name was Joshua.

This seems to be an elaborate scheme to swap maids over the years. Jacob looked confused and asked Isaac if he had seen Chu’Mana anywhere. The boy replied that she was still here, but in his true form, behind him was a shadow that looked absolutely horrible but Jacob couldn’t seem to see.

Jacob made the final decision, that he would lock Isaac in the basement when he went out to work and would release him when he was at home. He felt guilty when he couldn’t keep his promise to his wife to take good care of the children.

Jez continues to search for clues and at a house, he discovers a man trapped in the basement. He asked Jez to go into the woods to the west of the camp and into his log cabin to get the toolbox. With them, you will have enough tools to break the door out of this cellar.

Jez went into the woods but met a ranger at the door of the wooden shack. He asked Jez to put out the bonfires scattered in the forest to prevent the risk of fire in exchange for the diary pages he found. The ranger also noted that these fires were very strange because when he put them out, they soon burned again. This made Jez wonder and recall that as soon as he stepped into the forest he also saw a number of black figures wearing cloaks passing by.

After successfully putting out the fires, Jez was given the diary pages by the ranger as promised. The diary page is dated June 30, 1976 but it was written by Isaac.

He said that he was locked in this cellar by his father when he went to work and that he had nothing to entertain himself except for his diary. He understood his father’s difficulty, so he didn’t blame him, but he was afraid that he would be taken over by the other spirit. Another personality hidden within him emerges and constantly instigates Isaac to do bad things, which constantly evokes the pain that his father has abandoned him.

Jacob returned, unlocked the door and said he couldn’t take it anymore. He immediately took Isaac to the car and they fled to a far away place. However, the next day, Jacob woke up to find himself lying in the yard of the familiar house and Isaac still locked in the basement. There is some force that wants to prevent their father and son from running away.

Jez finished the job with the ranger and now he can comfortably go into the wooden shack to get the toolbox and bring it back to the man in the cellar. With enough tools, he easily removed the hatch cover and exited. He gave Jez the diary pages he found in the vault as promised.

Isaac’s story continues to repeat itself over the years. Every time Jacob tried to get Isaac to escape, they were brought back to the campsite shortly after. Everything repeats until he is about to turn 18, they continue to be arrested, but this time Jacob wakes up on an island in the middle of the camp. He returns home to find Isaac and says that he can’t take it anymore, he has to go get help.

Jacob went to the church to find the old pastor. He told all the strange phenomena and asked the pastor to perform an exorcism. However, when he entered the living room of the house, the pastor stopped and said that the evil force in this house was huge and it threatened that if he dared to intervene, he would also be in danger. The pastor quickly retreated and gave Jacob his cross to help him protect himself against this dark force.

Desperate, Jacob went down to the cellar to talk to Isaac and lament that no one else could help them, and that he no longer knew what to do. After Jacob left, Isaac began to transform and the evil force officially entered the 18-year-old boy.

Jez continues his journey and meets another survivor. This friend said that he discovered the murders so he tried to find the summer camp manager but couldn’t find him. In the barn of the summer camp, he is chased by a man dressed in a bear costume while engrossed in reading some strange pages. This guy said that if Jez went back to the warehouse to help him pick up the dropped glasses there he would give Jez the diary pages he was keeping.

The boy had to go back to the warehouse to pick up the glasses. The interior of the barn houses a series of summer camp bear mascot costumes. Maybe the killer got his suit from here too. The row of hanging a series of costumes made Jez feel scared that if the murderer was standing between these rows of costumes and suddenly jumped out, he had no way to escape.

Jez quickly picked up the glasses and returned to the nearsighted guy. The myopic friend who received the glasses immediately poured Jez a glass of water and told him to rest for a while before he told him the pages he read. However, after drinking the water hoe, Jez fell to the ground unconscious. In the dream he met Isaac, he spoke some incomprehensible language and then disappeared.

Jez wakes up and realizes that the boy with glasses has been killed in an extremely gruesome way, his body hanging on the wall and his head chopped off on the ground. Jez quickly rummaged through the drawer for the diary pages and ran to safety. This was probably the last of the diaries he collected.

Another summer camp begins, Jacob kicks off his usual welcoming ceremony for the new students. Isaac, under the control of the evil spirit, took a knife to break the glass door and climbed into the hall. He killed the bear mascot man, then put on the costume, hid the knife behind his back, and went on stage. As he approached Jacob, he quietly asked his father if he loved him. Jacob was startled to realize it was Isaac, and he tried to stop him but it was too late.

Isaac pulled out his knife and plunged into the crowd below to kill non-stop. Jacob had no choice but to grab the knife and stab Isaac to death. Seeing his son lying dead surrounded by the bodies of innocent students, Jacob was extremely distressed and turned away. He returned home wrote a suicide note and then shot himself.

Big Bear Summer Camp was closed due to a terrible incident but only 2 years later it was sold to another company. They decided to reopen the summer camp, named it Camp Sunshine, and started the advertising campaign again.

The scene returns to Jez’s house when he is watching an advertisement for Sunshine Camp when his parents argue violently in the kitchen. They came to the decision that they had had enough of each other and started thinking about divorce. They agreed to send Jez to a summer camp for a week so that the two could arrange their separation and divorce proceedings to avoid hurting him. So his mother packed up his things and drove him straight to summer camp.

Just then, there was the sound of a door opening in the distance. It seemed that the electrically locked fence door separating the summer camp and Jacob’s old house had opened. Jez ran over to pick up Jacob’s suicide note. He then went to the marshy area to the east of the campsite following the instructions of the mysterious man. There he also picked up the last missing memento, Chu’Mana’s necklace, before entering the mysterious man’s tent.

He asked Jez for mementos so he could prepare the cremation ceremony. After delivering, Jez stepped out of the tent and was knocked unconscious by two people wearing a cult-style veil.

Jez wakes up to find that all of his belongings have been confiscated and locked in an underground prison. The mysterious man contacts him and guides him to escape. Jez escapes the cell, using the gems to open the door to help him through the rooms that look like part of this giant temple. He also discovered that Wendy’s body had been brought back to be buried in a coffin here. He used the broken piece of necklace given to him by the man to match it with the piece that was buried with Wendy and the gate to the inner hall was opened. The passage is guarded by the other two cult members, and Jez discovers Chu’Mana is one of their senior members when he tries to steal a costume disguised as a member of the cult.

Jez breaks through the guard to get inside to retrieve all the seized memorabilia and exits through a secret passage. He returned to Jacob’s house to discover that the bear had kidnapped his mother and brought her to the cellar. Jez gave chase and ducked into a pre-cut tunnel below into an ancient shrine.

Following the mysterious man’s instructions, Jez threw the memorabilia into magical bonfires that extinguished them. After destroying all the memorabilia and corresponding flames, Isaac’s curse was lifted. Isaac returns as the spirit of a young boy, and a mysterious man appears to thank Jez for bravely completing the challenge to break the curse. He transforms into Jacob’s spirit and the two of them join Wendy’s spirit. The three reunited and walked hand in hand into the dark tunnel while Jez and his mother went out to get in the car to go home.

Jez’s father picked up the mother and daughter at home and said that during their absence, he thought a lot and finally decided not to divorce anymore. They will still be a family.

Jez was absorbed in the game until the night, he realized that he hadn’t turned on the lights so the room was dark. After turning on the lights Jez realized someone had placed the Camp Sunshine mascot teddy bear in his room. This is not a thank you or a threat.

The development behind the tragedy of Isaac can be understood as follows. An ancient cult in the Big Bear Camp area has researched and learned that the manager and his wife are about to take on a job that matches the prophecy of the return of a demon they are worshiping. They started their plan as soon as Wendy went into labor and gave birth.

An elder in the spear named Chu’Mana disguised as a maid infiltrates Jacob’s house and begins to install things on Isaac to prepare for him to transform into a body to help the devil incarnate. When Isaac was 18 years old, the preparations were completed and he was completely possessed by the devil and caused his first carnage.

His murder and the closure of the camp interrupted the killing, but this year they reopened. The demon’s soul, thanks to clinging to Isaac, continued its murder chain until Jez performed the purification ritual to destroy all the memorabilia that the devil had marked to connect with Isaac. Losing the link, the devil was sent back to hell and Isaac’s soul was released.

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