Can go up to 40k health when fed

Can go up to 40k health when fed


2021-12-21 13:51:59

General Tahm Kench inherently has the most “fault” mechanism in DTCL season 6 and in the near future, Riot can make this champion even more “powerful”.

The 5-gold generals were originally brought into the TFT by Riot with extremely “weird” mechanics. Maybe it’s champions that “clear the table” in a single note like Gangplank season 3, Sett season 4 and 4.5… Especially, in TFT season 6, Riot emphasized on bringing the pieces back to the right strength and value of money. they. Therefore, it can be said that the 5 yellow pieces in DTCL season 6 are extremely strong. Typically Jinx, Akali or in this case Tahm Kench.

Among the 5-gold pieces in this season 6, Tahm Kench has a power-up mechanism that can be considered “unlike anyone”. Accordingly, this general can increase his strength by swallowing other pieces that gamers feel do not need to use or for the purpose of “raising” Tahm Kench. In particular, if you swallow 5 gold generals, this piece will have a terrible strength.

But in the upcoming update 12.1, Riot also plans to update more for the power of the Water Monster. As Riot Mortdog said: “We will update the very interesting features in the upcoming 12.1 for Tahm Kench. We originally planned to let this unit eat everything but that experiment failed. In the end, the team decided to upgrade Tahm Kench 3 stars in the direction that when you feed this unit, the stats it receives will be multiplied by 20 times. For example, when you give this piece Sion 2 stars, he will be able to have 40,000 more health.”

Riot also intends to give Tahm Kench 3 stars that can reach 40k health if raised properly

To make it easier to imagine, Tahm Kench is a general in the Foreign Army – Gladiator – Gluttony. If you “explode” and produce a lot of Neeko, upgrading this piece to 3 stars is not difficult. Not to mention, if he has reached 40k health, also has Warmog Blood Armor and Gladiator-type size, Tahm Kench is even more terrible than Giant generals. And perhaps, then the best way for this champion’s opponents should be… surrender.

However, raising a 3 gold champion like Tahm Kench to 3 stars is extremely difficult. Therefore, this mechanism is probably only for show, otherwise it will have almost no practical value.

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