Cats & Soup: How to catch and use fish in the game Cats and Soup

Cats & Soup: How to catch and use fish in the game Cats and Soup

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2022-05-24 06:31:51

How to play Cat and Soup not difficult. However, not everyone knows How to fish in Cats and Soups. If you are the same, let’s find out together with!

Cats and Soup is a very good cat soup game

If you are looking for a fun game to entertain in your spare time or during summer vacation, then Cats and Soup is an option worth trying, especially for cat lovers.

Cats and Soup or Cats and Soup game is impressed by cute graphics and interesting gameplay. Instead of raising cats like the usual pet games, you will help them cook delicious soups. Highlights of the game Cats and Soups:

  • Cat raising game with lovely cartoon graphics: Each cat has its own characteristics, including Ragdoll, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair…
  • Interact with adorable cats: Dress them up, take photos, and earn hearts by feeding them fish you catch while playing mini-games.
  • The game is easy to play but not boring at all.

How to fish in the game Cats and soup

Cats have always loved fish. Therefore, Cats and Soup cannot ignore this outstanding feature of cats. You have two ways of catching fish in the Cat and Soup game. The first is based on luck. Fish can be a gift the game gives you.

The second way is more reliable. You need to build a pond or aquarium, then name it as you like. Note, the in-game building feature will be unlocked after you complete the mission.

When buying a pond, create a fishing rod that’s right for you. You have 5 fish baits available. As soon as the fish bites the hook, the rod will vibrate. This is when you have to pull the lever out of the water.

Cats and Soup there are many different species, from carp to sturgeon. Currently the game has a total of 18 fish species. The value of each species is expressed in stars. The more stars, the higher the fish value.

After successful fishing in the game Cats & Soup, it takes you about 2 hours to accumulate the bait. Shorten this process with a special ticket.

Catching fish is an interesting task in the game Cats and soup
Catching fish is an interesting task in the game Cats and soup

How to use fish in Cats & Soup

  1. Choose the cat you want.
  2. Touch tab Feeding.
  3. Click on the selected fish. to feed the cat.

Here’s everything you need to know about How to fish and use fish in the game Cats and Soup. Hope this article helps you play Cat and Soup easier.

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