Chainsaw Man 131 spoiler prediction, chapter 130 explained: Denji gets buffed thanks to Asa for ‘will’

Chainsaw Man 131 spoiler prediction, chapter 130 explained: Denji gets buffed thanks to Asa for ‘will’


2023-05-26 18:58:56

Chainsaw Man 131 spoiler prediction, chapter 130 summary: To keep Denji motivated to fight, Asa may offer a “reward”. It could be a kiss… or it could be that Asa agreed to “will” follow Denji’s dream!

Chainsaw Man Summary 130

To survive, Denji and Asa run away from the tentacles. The more they ran, the angrier the worm got. It appeared and began to attack more fiercely. Fallen also lends a hand by dropping a large building blocking Denji’s way. Somehow, Denji and Asa managed to escape. However, they are not sure if they are safe, because both are flying straight to the mouth of the giant worm.

Chainsaw Man 131 spoiler prediction

chainsaw man 131

Well, with the end of Chainsaw Man 130, where is the door for Denji and Asa to survive? The most logical solution is that Denji will pilot into the stomach of the demon and then cut it from the inside. However, will Denji kill the demon first or will it crush and digest both first?

Denji is facing the Fallen Demon and the worm demon. Running away forever was not the way – but fighting in the current state was not too difficult. According to my prediction, Asa – somehow (like kissing or accepting “will” with Denji) – will make Denji more passionate and fight more frantic. Asa will use the Demon of War’s abilities to create weapons and support for Denji. Now the example of Denji butchering demons and Asa turning them into weapons would be awesome.

There is a funny detail in Chainsaw Man 130 that Denji mistakenly thinks he is the one who makes the car transform. So he still hasn’t realized Asa’s strange ability! This shows that the author is intentionally hiding information to prepare for a certain “explosion” in the future.

To fight the two demons, Denji and Asa need to fight each other. Many predict that the two characters will be saved by Yoshida, Fami or possibly Nayuta. Yoru might also intervene to keep Asa alive. What do you personally think will happen? Leave a comment so we can chat.

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Spoiler Chainsaw Man 131

Chainsaw Man 131 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible.

Chainsaw Man 131 manga release schedule

Chainsaw Man chapter 131 is scheduled to release on MangaPlus at 10 pm, May 30, 2023. Predictions, spoilers will be updated on as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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Frequently asked questions about Chainsaw Man

When will Chainsaw Man have a new chapter?

Manga Chainsaw Man new chapter will be released every Tuesday at 10 pm on MangaPlus website. You can access to watch full HD, copyrighted stories for free. The new chapter will premiere on May 30, 2023.

Where to watch Chainsaw Man?

For Vietnamese audiences, you can watch the latest copyrighted Chainsaw Man manga on Shueisha’s MangaPlus website. In addition, you can also support the printed story being published by Youth Publishing House.

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