CHORUS – Game Review

CHORUS – Game Review


2021-12-21 03:08:40

Chorus – Shooting spaceship (space shooter) is one of the genres that appeared first and very early from the early days of the game industry.

They once had a heyday and are also known as the “grandfathers” of the legendary arcade games.

Famous can immediately mention the brand Space Invaders, which is familiar to Vietnamese gamers with the name “fly shooting game” on the NES “electronic tape” machine once upon a time.

Over time with many ups and downs and technological improvements, this genre also gradually entered the 3D era and expanded with more variations that help players not only “drive and shoot”, but also be free. Explore the galaxy and more.

However, in fact, this series of games is quite picky to play and often creates little resonance in the market. It is very difficult for game makers to find a universal formula for success that is easily accepted by the majority.

For example, a game with many “scandals” No Man’s Sky (launched in 2016) focuses on resource extraction and survival or Everspace Challenging more players with the “roguelike” mechanism was not well received but was also criticized for being “half-hearted”.

Perhaps in the end what is needed most in this genre is the “dogfight” core fighting mechanism that is invested and refined, not just cramming too many “hybrid” things into it without any which do until.

And for the writer, the game title Chorus from Deep Silver Fishlabs, a small team in Germany has really done just this.

Let step into the cockpit and find out Chorus How have you solved the “thirst” of the enthusiasts of this game series?


Chorus The story begins with the protagonist Nara’s past when she was still an effective minion for the Prophet, who ran a powerful sect called The Circle and was also the person she once considered her biological father.

Possessing supernatural powers and aided by a spaceship with superior intelligence called the Forsaken, Nara is increasingly trusted in the organization and in one time cannot control her emotions. … an entire planet that took the lives of billions of people!

Suffering, despairing and resentful The Circle took advantage of her, Nara concealed her identity to join the rebel faction and set off on a journey of revenge, as well as atone for all mistakes.


A satisfying audiovisual experience!

Right after the introductory tutorial, the player will be “flying” to the outside world and admire the vast and deep scene of the universe.

Planets with brilliant, magical colors gradually appear along with mysterious sci-fi architectures that always stimulate the imagination of writers, eager to discover.

The title track is also very catchy with a deep and fast tempo that is epic and dramatic.

More impressive when most of the cutscenes in Chorus All are built with 3D models with investment in both movement and character expression, which is rarely seen in games of the same genre.

You will always feel very excited when enjoying the “cinematic” explosions.

In addition to the main storyline, Chorus also let players freely adventure around the galaxy with a series of relatively diverse and interesting side quests that are not inferior to any open world RPG.

You will always feel very excited when enjoying the “cinematic” fire and explosion scenes from the fiery fights in the air, with a suffocating rhythm.

Streamlined but optimized gameplay

As mentioned, air combat is the key element when people talk about the plane/spaceship shooting genre, no matter what the style variation and Chorus has fulfilled that duty when removing a lot of unnecessary features of many similar games and giving players the most realistic, eye-catching and thrilling “bombarding” experience.

No need for the cockpit space (cockpit) with all kinds of confusing buttons or gaudy UI / UX interfaces “crammed” with players, in Chorus you only have a third-person perspective with the entire spaceship and also only need two Analog levers (on the console) to move and change the perspective.

When you need to accelerate, just press a button. Need to toggle the energy shield? No need to worry because the health and energy plants are already automated.

Even gasoline or operating materials are also omitted to avoid distractions and distractions for players.

Firepower is divided into three types: Gatling Gun with a fast fire rate that is easy to use but has low damage, Laser guns that need time to aim and charge (specialize in treating targets with energy shields and other weapons). missile to penetrate armor. All are attached to shortcut buttons, making it easy for players to switch flexibly depending on the situation.

Chorus has fulfilled that duty when removing a lot of unnecessary features of many similar games and giving players a real “bombarding” experience.

Not to mention Forsaken also has many special flight mechanisms that not only effectively support Nara in combat, but also contribute to puzzle mechanics such as the ability to “Drift” the flying ship to wriggle like good racing games ” Leap” to teleport right behind enemies is extremely impressive!


However, Chorus still bring significant challenges when it always requires players to really focus, both dodge at the right time (perfect dodge) while making good use of ammunition and exploiting the weaknesses of each type of aircraft.

The battlefield will be more fierce later when the number of enemy ships appears more, with the presence of both bunker ships like in the movie series. Star Wars classic.

And if you’re even more confident you can increase the difficulty level and try out the Permadeath (non-respawn) experience that the game has to offer.



Many aspects are unfinished

Perhaps inspired by the inner struggle of the character Senua in the game Hellblade that Nara in Chorus He also monologues a lot and often, sometimes creating a feeling of awkwardness because the semantics or some details have not really been elaborated.

Chorus The pace is pretty slow as the first two hours of the game take place slowly, with most of the time being instruction and getting used to the basic objectives.

The Forsaken spaceship has not yet appeared, so players do not have many skills to swing horizontally, but simply fly from A to B, and then from B to C to receive and return the mission.

The equipment for both attack and defense for the spaceship, although it can show different rarity, can’t be “loot” randomly, most of them come from quest rewards and very little customization, which feels quite lacking. needy.


The leveling factor is a bit “borrowed” from rogue-like games when the player does not have a level, but the auxiliary stats (perk) will be gradually unlocked from progress bars called Mastery. , in the true sense of “plowing a lot”, “on hand” for example, the more the player uses the missile to destroy the target, the more damage the rocket will do!

The writer also feels quite sorry that he cannot change the appearance of the Forsaken spacecraft or the character Nara.

Nara in Chorus also monologues a lot and often, sometimes creating a feeling of awkwardness

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