Combination casual games gradually become the trend of the market

Combination casual games gradually become the trend of the market


2023-05-26 11:12:52

Mixed mobile games are gaining in popularity as they combine different genres, providing unique gameplay experiences and broadening the appeal of gamers.

This trend allows developers to innovate, introduce new mechanics, and explore innovative monetization strategies. The declining player interest in the hyper-casual genre boosts downloads and user retention and helps game makers make more money. This prompts developers to find a solution to maintain revenue.

Hybrid-casual is an evolution from hyper-casual emerging as a solution that meets all these requirements while retaining some of the fundamental advantages of the hyper-casual genre. Therefore, more and more companies turn to hybrid-casual to develop their products.

As a provider of feature-level analytics, market insights, and benchmarks for the global mobile gaming industry, GameRefinery is one of the leading witnesses to this transformation. After analyzing the transition, the GameRefinery team analyzed the hybridization process of the hybrid-casual genre.

QQ Speed, a successful racing game in the Chinese market, has introduced a new card game mode. Players play cards strategically with attack and defense attributes that aim to reduce enemy health. The game combines the thrill of racing with strategic elements of TCG (card game), offering both PvE and PvP modes.

Merge Vikings: Merge2 with its construction and combat gameplay, has a unique approach that combines building and combat mechanics. Players participate in PvP battles, which focus on ravaging the opponent’s base. The game replaces traditional merge2 meta layers in build and character progression, adding strategic puzzle elements to create an immersive experience.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is a third-person shooter action RPG with building and combat. Players explore post-apocalyptic Earth, commanding a team of defensive cyborgs known as NIKKE. The game emphasizes collecting and managing NIKKE through gacha mechanics, fostering emotional investment through character interactions and unique story sequences. Additionally, a base-building system enhances character attributes and progression.

X-Hero: Idle RPG blends idle RPG, deploying minigames with various auto-battle RPG modes, including Time Travel, Galaxy Wanted, and Star Trek with roguelite elements.

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