Compose Write an expressive essay about a person or a brief event,

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There must be a lot of students who have difficulty in Composing. Write an expressive essay about a person or an event on page 75 of Literature 7, Canh Kite, Semester I. So please refer to the Writing lesson. Expressive essays about sample people or events below for more orientation and best preparation!

Writing an expressive essay about a person or event, Grade 7 Literature – Canh Kite

Writing essay Write an expressive essay about a person or a short event, Grade 7 Literature – Canh Kite

Steps to write an article:

Step 1: Prepare.

– Identify expressive objects: characters in literary works or in life.

Step 2: Find ideas and make an outline.

* Find ideas for the article by asking and answering some questions such as:
– What is it about the character that makes you particularly impressed?
– What character or story leaves you with unforgettable emotions and feelings?
– What lessons can you learn from that character or event?
* Present ideas according to the three-part layout of the essay:
– Introduction: Introduce about a character or event in a literary work or life.
– Body of the article:
+ Generalize impressions, feelings about characters or events.
+ Give detailed expressions of feelings, thoughts about people or things.
+ Give lessons from characters or events.
– Conclusion: Reaffirm your impressions, feelings, and thoughts about people or events.

Step 3: Write the article.

– Proceed to write based on the set outline.

Step 4: Check and edit.

– Check the article to see if it is complete and accurate according to the requirements of the topic.
– Check spelling and expression.

Topic: Write an expressive essay about an event or character that you have an impression or love in the excerpt “Octopus” (Verner) learned.

I. Outline an expressive essay about the event or character that impressed you in the excerpt “Octopus”:

1. Opening lesson:

– Briefly introduce the name of the character, the incident in the excerpt “Octopus”.

2. Body of the article:

* Give impressions and feelings about the character of Captain Nemo: admiration, admiration.
* State specific expressions of feelings and thoughts about the character Nemo:
– Admire the brave captain.
– Touched by Nemo’s loving heart.
* Draw lessons about love, solidarity, courage, ready to face danger.

3. Conclusion:

– Reaffirming the impression, feelings about the character.
But I want to know more about my love and support for people

Write an expressive essay about a person or a brief event, Grade 7 Literature – Canh Kite

II. Expressive essay about the event or character that impressed you in the excerpt “Octopus”.

The writer Guy Verne in the text “Octopus” extracted from the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” gave me interesting associations about the battle between the ship Notilôt and the sea monster. huge. In particular, I was extremely impressed with the character of Captain Nemo.
First of all, Nemo appeared as a talented, fearless captain. When faced with the giant octopus, he did not fear or flinch. Nemo calmly analyzed the situation and made the decision to use an ax instead of a gun because the bullet could not explode because the octopus’s body was too soft. As soon as he saw the zigzag trunk, Nemo quickly cut it off with an ax, causing the monster to dive into the sea. Seeing the octopus use its trunk to wrap around a member of the ship, he rushed in, attacked and cut off its trunk. The moment Lent faced danger, Nemo used the blade of the ax to stab the monster’s mouth decisively. In the face of all difficulties, Captain Nemo was always steadfast, steadfast, without wavering or fear. That is the beauty of an intelligent, intelligent person.
Not only that, but Nemo was also a loving captain. The saying “I have a duty to repay him” with Net Len has shown that a man of kindness and gratitude is always grateful to those who help him. In particular, the image of the captain with teary eyes looking down at the sea “just swallowed one of his compatriots” makes anyone who reads it sad.
It can be said that from the character, I have learned a meaningful lesson about love, solidarity, courage, ready to face danger.
The character of Nemo will forever leave an indelible impression on me about the spirit of courage and kindness. Through the image of the character, I see the beauty and strength of man in front of the sea and nature.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – watch-dieu-72024n.aspx
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