[Dàn ý + Văn mẫu] Write a paragraph about a recess, Vietnamese class

[Dàn ý + Văn mẫu] Write a paragraph about a recess, Vietnamese class


At recess, what do you usually do with your friends? Reference content for the topic Writing a paragraph about a recess, 2nd grade Vietnamese, Connecting knowledge with life, the first semester below will help you easily answer that question, and at the same time have standards. Get the best for your writing.

Topic: Write a paragraph about a recess time

Outline Write 3 to 4 sentences about a break time

I. Outline Write a paragraph about a recess:

1. Opening paragraph: Introduce the place where you and your friends often play at recess.

2. Body paragraph:
– Introduce the games you and your friends play.
– Introduce your favorite activity.

3. Ending: My mood and feelings after every recess.

II. Sample paragraph about recess:

1. Sample paragraph about a recess – sample number 1:

In the morning, after the third period, we will have fifteen minutes to play. I often play board games with my friends right in class. The whole group loves this useful and interesting folk game. Thanks to playing the game, I can learn how to do mental calculations quickly and accurately.

2. Sample paragraph about a recess – sample number 2:

After finishing the third period, I and my friends quickly ran to the sports field. There, I saw many groups of students playing soccer and jumping rope. Lan and I often sit on the stone bench under the eagle tree watching the fun scene of the whole school. We love this bustling, fun atmosphere.

  Viet 3 to 4 people need to go out to play

Sample essay Write a paragraph about recess time 2

3. Sample paragraph about a recess – sample number 3:

In the afternoon, we were allowed to go out after the second period ended. Me and a few close friends often invite each other to play jumping rope. We divided into teams, competing to see which team danced better. It was this short break time that helped us become more united and closer.

4. Sample paragraph about a recess – sample number 4:

At recess, I and my friends often play single jump rope. We split into pairs and competed to see who could dance the most. Anh and I usually dance 150 times, ranked in second or third place. Thanks to hard jumping rope, we have a healthy body.

5. Sample paragraph about a recess – sample number 5:

At recess, we often study together. Those who know how to solve the exercises will guide those who do not know how to do it. If the exercise is too difficult, we discuss it together to think of a solution. The short break helped me and my friends have more time to review the lesson and complete the homework.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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