Dandadan 97 spoiler prediction: Okarun unlocks a new skill – join the battle to rescue Momo!

Dandadan 97 spoiler prediction: Okarun unlocks a new skill – join the battle to rescue Momo!


2023-03-08 22:10:53

Dandadan 97 spoiler prediction, chapter 96 summary: Receiving the power of love from Momo, Okarun transforms! He will soon join the battle with new skills that are more powerful than before!

Summary of content Dandadan 96

Having to confront the enemy sooner than expected, Momo’s group had no choice but to advance together. Meanwhile, Okarun has found his way back to his body. He regained consciousness – but was barely able to fight. Seeing the rice left by Momo, Okarun ate it. With the power of love, Okarun transforms!

Dandadan 97 spoiler prediction


So instead of letting Okarun fight in ghost form, the author decided to let the male lead fight with his real body Okarun is a strong warrior – but he is seriously injured. How can Okarun defeat the enemy? The 100% answer lies in the concept of “spiral” that he just learned. With this technique, Okarun will be able to fight strong opponents with minimal strength (like Tai Chi style) or he will create new more “destructive” moves (such as creating tornadoes or transforming). drill bit itself).

While waiting for Okarun… to eat, Momo’s group will still have to fight the aliens. Still holding the old opinion, Lag thinks that Vamola and Reiko Kashima will appear soon. Through some exchange of details, these two will “help” the main characters against the aliens. Ah, I don’t know if the big-headed young man who created the Buddha – Gundam joined the war?

Spoiler Dandadan 97

Dandadan 97 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible.

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