Detailed instructions to download Honor of Kings global version for Android, iOS

Detailed instructions to download Honor of Kings global version for Android, iOS


2023-03-07 19:59:50

Honor of Kings will release in the Brazilian market for users from March 8.

After a long wait with many tests as well as tweaks and improvements, players can finally get their hands on a blockbuster from the “big man” Tencent – Honor of Kings, also known as the King. Glory global version. This article will provide detailed instructions for Game4V so that readers can download and experience the blockbuster 2023.


  • Players need to have vpn software to fake ip via Brazil.
  • Need to prepare an additional blank email in case you need to use it if the original email does not work.
  • About 3 – 4 gb of free space is required for installation and game resources.

Step 1:

Delete data from play store to prepare for fake ip as shown below.

Step 2:

After successfully deleting the data, the player needs to turn on the vpn software, and always turn it on during the next steps.

Readers can use Brazil vpn software similar to the writer’s software (can be downloaded directly from the Play Store) or other Brazilian vpn software.

Step 3:

Open the Play Store, type Honor of Kings in the search bar. Click on the item circled in red and download the game, the installer weighs 445MB, the required space is over 4GB.

Log in:

Due to geographical factors, the ping of the game will be relatively high, so players should always get the logged in email above to be able to create an account for the game to avoid connection problems that make the account creation process difficult. with other options affected.

For ios . users

Note: Accounts that are still in Balance (accounts with money) or owe money cannot roam. Apple will notify you that you must use up any remaining funds or repay your account before you can roam.

Step 1:

On your iOS device, go to Settings (Settings) > iTunes & Appstore.

Step 2:

Click on the account and select View Apple ID (see Apple ID)

Step 3:

Enter Password to confirm

Step 4:

Select Country/Region (Country/Region) > Change Country of Region (Change Country or Region) and change the Country region to Brazil.

Next, select None and fill in arbitrary information and then press next to complete. The fields of address, phone number you can fill in miscellaneous is completed.

Step 5:

Open the app store and search for Honor of Kings

Readers interested in Honor of Kings can learn more through the following link.

Android Link:

iOS link:

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