Details how to build Ningguang Genshin Impact

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Ningguang is a Rock-type character in Genshin Impact. If you do not know how to use and build Ningguang, this article will be for you.

Article table of contents

  • About Ningguang
  • Ningguang .’s skill set
    • Active skill
    • Passive skills
  • Details how to build Ningguang
    • Order of skill enhancement
    • Weapons for Ningguang
    • Holy relic for Ningguang
    • Lineups suitable for Ningguang

About Ningguang

Ningguang is the Tianquan in the Seven Stars of Liyue, she is known as a hard worker, persistent in her work and has a great influence in Liyue. Despite Ningguang’s appearance as a cold person, she always does what is in Liyue’s greatest interest.

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Passive skills

Displacement Objects

When there is a Crystal on the body, Ningguang’s weight will not consume physical strength.

Sword Firewood Three Years Burn One Hour

Sword Firewood Three Years Burn One Hour

Characters passing through the Great Wall will receive an additional 12% Jaw Elemental damage buff, lasting 10s.

Gems Collection

Gems Collection

Show the location of Gems on the minimap.

Details how to build Ningguang

Order of skill enhancement

Ningguang is one of the few Rock-type characters that is rated as having a huge amount of damage like other 5-star DPS characters. Her strong point is the ability to shock a lot of damage within a few seconds thanks to the Rage Skill that will create a lot of Crystals, and Heavy Strike will help spread the amount of Crystals and deal damage to enemies.

So you need to lift in the following order: Normal Attack > Rage Skill > Elemental Skill.

Weapons for Ningguang

You can use the following types of magicians for Ningguang, such as:

Earth Lock (5✮)

Earth Lock (5✮)

Shield effectiveness increased by 20%. Within 8 seconds after hitting an enemy, it will increase its attack by 4%, stacking up to 5 floors, only activated once every 0.3s. In addition, when the character is protected by the Shield, the attack increase efficiency will increase to 100%.

Book of Heaven (5✮)

Book of Heaven (5✮)

Increases the character’s Elemental Damage by 12%. When attacking normally hits the enemy, there will be a 50% chance of receiving the favor of the clouds, in the next 15 seconds will actively attack nearby enemies, dealing damage equal to 160% of the attack power. Cast 1 time every 30s.

	  	  Xifeng Dian Xi (5✮)

Xifeng Dian Xi (5✮)

The character’s movement speed is increased by 10%, every 4 seconds in battle will receive 8% Elemental damage buff. Stacks up to 4 times, lasting until the character falls or leaves the battle.

Sun Moon Box (4✮)

Sun Moon Box (4✮)

For 6s after a normal attack hits an enemy, the damage of Elemental skills and fury skills is increased by 20%. Within 6 seconds after the elemental skill and rage skill hit the enemy, the attack’s damage is increased by 20%.

The Wandering Music Chapter (4✮)

The Wandering Music Chapter (4✮)

When the character goes to battle, randomly receive 1 song effect, lasting 10s. Only cast 1 time every 30s. Intro: Attack increased by 60%, Chorus: Elemental Damage increased by 48%, Chorus: Character’s Elemental Mastery increased by 240.


Holy relic for Ningguang

If you want to build a standard relic for Ningguang, you should consider the following suggestions:

  • Old Stones
  • Retrograde Meteor
  • Closing Ceremony of Gladiators

These will be relics that will help you maximize Ningguang’s output damage.

Lineups suitable for Ningguang

Because it is a character of the Nham type, the squad when building with Ningguang cannot lack Zhongli to provide armor and reduce the enemy’s elemental resistance. In addition, you will need a versatile support like Bennett to be able to heal and increase damage to your squad. Suggested lineup for Ningguang: Ningguang, Zhongli, Albedo, Bennett.

Lineups suitable for Ningguang

Above is Details how to build Ningguang Genshin Impact that Quantrimang would like to introduce to you. Wish you will have a great experience when using this Thien Quyen.

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