Discovered being cheated by a lover with a ‘best friend’ through a game

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2023-01-24 23:18:01

I thought I had a beautiful love. But in contrast to that, I found myself being cheated by my lover through the game.

From the past until now, adultery is inherently unacceptable and insiders often try to hide it because if it is discovered, it will “explode” the story. However, many men have found many new ways to hide their secret relationship.

I am 22 years old this year, but the memory that reminds me the most is when I was 17 years old. I was cheated by my boyfriend and best friend in the most “memorable” way ever. Hearing this, you can probably guess what kind of relationship the two of them have and what bad things did they do?

Let me tell you more about this pair of male and female cranes. Exactly when I was in 12th grade, he and I got to know each other through extra classes. At school, he and I were in different classes, but the other “tuesday” best friend was at the same table with me.

I can’t believe that one side is the person who loves me, saying that I love me every day and the other is my best friend who plays with me every day and listens to me confide but does this.

Why does that best friend know about my lover? That’s right, that’s because being a girl and sitting at the same table often talk to each other about miscellaneous things and of course love can’t be ignored.

Like any other normal day, that night we were playing PUBG together when suddenly my best friend texted me and complained. Being a nice and kind friend, I invited my friend to play games with me. So the story of the triangle and that “lovely” horn begins here.

At first, there was nothing unusual, the three of them playing together were still very happy and enthusiastic. In the days that followed, gradually every game had my friends join. All 3 still played happily until something unusual appeared that made me feel suspicious.

When I go to school, I often hear my friends mention the person who loves me more than myself. When texting with your lover, your lover also often asks about your best friend. What’s more remarkable is that those two even asked each other to change the couple’s name without ever asking for my opinion and more. Thanks to those stupid and childish actions, I discovered and pulled out these three-month-old horns.

Trusting my intuition, I tried asking him a few questions about my best friend, checking messages, Zalo and SMS but nothing suspicious. Still not giving up there, I remember the two of them changing their names together in the game, so I tried logging in to my lover’s game account to see and the ending was the same as everyone thought.

When I opened the chat between my boyfriend and that “green tea” best friend, even though I had implicitly predicted what would happen, I was still extremely shocked.

I can’t believe that one side is the one who loves me, says I love me every day and the other is my best friend who plays with me every day and listens to me, but does this.

Even so, I’m not the kind of person who is bitter or deeply in love. If you’re sad, you’ll be sad, but whatever happens, if you have the guts to do it, of course you have to have the guts. If they don’t respect me, then I have no reason to yield to them.

Being a smart girl, I took that evidence and posted it on school confessions with incognito mode for everyone to see what the couple did.

Of course, after that, I and the two of them were no longer involved, I also asked the teacher to move to another seat. Those male and female dogs received a proper lesson and didn’t seem to dare to have anything to do with each other anymore.

Now, we have a lot of games with green tea, so please check your lover’s phone carefully. What is there to escape in time and let the other guys next quickly, not horny when it’s not good.

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