DK and T1 are the best candidates to win the LCK Spring 2023

DK and T1 are the best candidates to win the LCK Spring 2023

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2023-01-15 14:52:54

If last season, T1 and GEN were the two most potential opponents for the championship in the LCK, this year DK is expected to take the throne.

T1, DK is the LCK champion candidate

As usual, every year before the tournament officially starts, the LCK holds a press conference so that fans can understand the goals and determination of the teams.

At this year’s event, 10 teams participating in the 2023 LCK Spring Split sent representatives to attend. The task in the program is for each representative to make a prediction about the team that will win the 2023 LCK Spring Split.

After thinking for a while, the players all had to point at the representative of the team they thought would win this year.

T1 is the best candidate to win the LCK Spring 2023

According to the votes of 10 teams, DK is the team that receives the most predictions to win the LCK Spring 2023. The players of HLE, KDF, KT, LSB, DRX all said that DK’s new lineup this year is very strong.

Right after DK is T1 with 4 votes from NS, GEN, DK and BRO. The reason why Worlds 2022 runner-up was chosen is because of the high stability of the lineup.

The other team is T1 with Faker representing that Gen.G will be the champion of the LCK Spring 2023.

T1 and DK revealed the results of the scrims

The two teams that are considered to be rivals in the LCK are undergoing high-performance training ahead of the 2023 season.

In the LCK, T1 and DK have always been considered as the archetypal duo in the race to win the new season championship.

T1 is the best candidate to win the LCK Spring 2023

Recently, LCK media reported that T1 and DK are the two teams with the best training records before the new season. Specifically, T1 has overcome the disadvantages or lost in the early game. Oner is working hard to practice and showing progress. According to evaluation, stability has made T1’s strength in the new season.

On the side of DK, Korean media praised Deft for having a very quick process of adapting to the new team’s environment, teammates and gameplay. ShowMaker and Canyon still work together very well. With the addition of new personnel, DK is showing a good training process and is considered a bright team for the Spring Championship.

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