DK fans are angry and think that Coach Daeny has made a statement to blame the students

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2022-08-16 07:18:03

After DK’s defeat against T1, Coach Daeny is making fans of this team angry with his statements.

On the match day of August 13 (Vietnam time), the most notable match is definitely the confrontation between DWG KIA and T1. Although at the moment, among the 3 brightest candidates for the title in the LCK Summer 2022, DK is the team that can be said to be the weakest, they are still completely believed to create a surprise. before Faker and his teammates.

DK still has many difficulties despite the return of Nuguri

However, DK failed in this match with a convincing score of 2-0. But it is worth noting that Coach Daeny’s speech after the confrontation was considered the No. 1 “Super Classic” in the LCK. This coach said: “Slow play is more beneficial, but our Top (Nuguri), Jungle (Canyon), and Mid (ShowMaker) players prefer teamfights. And the situation is not in our favor. Since the knockouts and matches are not over yet, I will try to do a good job of drafting and let the picks and bans have an advantage over us.”

Coach Daeny thinks that DK lost because the players were too eager to get into the fast-paced, continuous fighting style

Coach Daeny thinks that DK lost because the players were too eager to get into the fast-paced, continuous fighting style

Although, Coach Daeny later admitted he was responsible for the team’s defeat, but according to some opinions, this coach is only blaming the main thing because the players want fast play, continuous fighting. so DK failed.

And this really makes many DK fans extremely angry. Because, it is clear to everyone that DK’s players are having a very stalemate, as in the last match against T1 as an example. Even when Nuguri proved ineffective in many battles with Sejuani, he still had to use a general who was simply a tank to open a fight and block this attack.

But this is not the first time Coach Daeny has made a move to imply that the team’s failure is due to the players. If it cannot be improved, then surely, not only the 2022 Summer LCK, DK will be in a very difficult situation when they still have the 2022 World Finals in front of them, in case this team can attend. .

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