Do game developers still believe in the metaverse?

Do game developers still believe in the metaverse?

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2023-01-28 10:01:50

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) has released the results of its annual survey on the current state of the game industry.

Here are the key takeaways from the research, including a developer’s perspective on metadata and merging related to making games with the metaverse.

More than 2,300 developers participated in the survey, which reports the state of the game industry in 2023. This document was produced by GDC in collaboration with game developers. Most of the respondents are game designers, programmers, production managers and artists working at independent companies (39%) or AAA (23%).

Key data from the survey shows that PC remains the top platform, with 65% of developers creating games for PC, followed by PlayStation 5 (33%), Xbox Series X|S (30%), Android (27%) and iOS (26%). The cloud seems to be slowly gaining in popularity with 7% of respondents planning their next projects for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Meanwhile, 4% want to develop games for PS Plus (Extra or Premium). Most developers prefer the premium business model (50%) or the free download (36%). Paid DLC and in-app purchases are also in the top 5.

The results also show that 14% of respondents think the game Fortnite is likely to win the metaverse race, followed by Meta’s Horizon Worlds (7%), Minecraft (7%), Roblox (5%) and Google. /Apple (3%). Despite the controversy surrounding the term, 45% of developers, compared with 33% in 2022, believe that “the metaverse concept will never work out as promised”. There are 75% of developers who are not interested in metaverse technology, with 61% opposed.

The report said that 17% of respondents think large M&A deals will have a positive impact on the gaming industry. But 44% are negative about consolidation, and about a third say they are uncertain. Some believe that consolidation is bad for innovation and product diversity, while others think that “it shouldn’t be feared”.

Most developers work 40 hours per week or less. Only 4% of respondents work more than 60 hours per week. 14% of developers admit that management pressure makes them work more, while 73% of respondents say that they work hard because they feel it is necessary to develop themselves, increase their income as well. like speeding up the work.

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