Dota 2 fans indignant because the ticket price of Bali Major is too expensive: “Unreasonably expensive”

Dota 2 fans indignant because the ticket price of Bali Major is too expensive: “Unreasonably expensive”


2023-05-26 10:54:54

Many Dota fans have voiced their frustration with the price of tickets for this Bali Major when it reaches 10 million VND/ticket, and it’s just an ordinary ticket.

IO Esportsthe organizer in charge of Bali Major of the game Dota 2 recently announced the ticket price of this event. They only offer 2 types of tickets for the tournament, and spectators will only be able to watch the teams compete on stage for 3 days.

Regular tickets will cost US$388, while premium tickets will provide additional access to an “exclusive party” and will cost US$888. Immediately, it created a backlash from the fan community. Many have pointed out that the ticket prices published in US dollars mean that this tournament is aimed at foreign visitors rather than local fans.

Bali Major will take place at Ayana Estate, a luxury resort. As the 3rd and final Major of Dota Pro Circuit 2023, the 18 best teams will compete to win $500,000 in prize money.

Bali Major

According to statistics from Indonesian technology company Cermati, the minimum monthly salary in Jakarta province, the richest place in the country, is only about 310 USD. When including the cost of travel and meals, accommodation, the total cost for an Indonesian to go to see it in person will exceed the expenditure that they earn.

Immediately after the ticket price was announced, a post on Reddit discussed this issue and the fact that this fare is “unreasonably expensive” has been agreed by many people. “As an Indonesian, I hate this,” replied one user. Many others also mentioned that fans will have to pay more to watch the Bali Major live, more than it cost to go to last year’s The International in Singapore. “I have a few friends who are interested in the Bali Major because it’s the closest tournament to Australia, where we live. But when they saw the ticket price, they withdrew,” one user shared.

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