Dragon Treasure Season 7.5 will have more valuable rewards, Ice Heart will be replaced?

Dragon Treasure Season 7.5 will have more valuable rewards, Ice Heart will be replaced?


2022-08-26 17:22:16

More quality picks for Dragon’s Treasure in TCL Season 7.5, at the same time Ice Heart will be replaced by a new item.

TFT Season 7.5 is expected to land on the official server on 8/9 Upcoming. In this new season, Dragon God Treasure suddenly Riot Games increased the number of options as well as the value of the rewards. In addition, equip Ice Armor also designed by Riot to replace Tim Bang with the same compound formula. Here, let’s learn about these new changes with Game4V!

The last 7 seasons of TFT has brought players countless new and unique mechanisms. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Dragon God Treasure – where players will be selected for a Treasure consisting of 5 Random rewards and can be exchanged if not satisfied.

With each refresh Dragon God Treasure will consume the player 1 gold to choose for themselves the most satisfactory equipment and rewards, complete the squad frame as well as significantly increase the power of the main cards of their faction.

Outside Origin Treasure (Dragon God’s Treasure Season 7), then TFT Season 7.5 will launch 2 new types of Treasure Chaos Treasure Dragon and Order Treasure Dragon – roughly translated as Chaos Treasure and Wishing Treasure.

Chaos Treasure:

Treasure of Chaos in TFT Season 7.5.

Occurrence rate: 60%

In DTCL Season 7.5 Chaos Treasure in addition to rewards like Origin Treasure then it will give other rewards such as: Doll of the World, Seal of General, Ornn’s equipment…

Treasure of Wishes:

Treasure of Wishes in CLC Season 7.5.

Occurrence rate: 60%

Wishing Treasure at TFT Season 7.5, except for the normal rewards, it will give players more Mythological equipment with special effects in combat.

The Ice Heart equipment will be changed with Ice Armor, specifically as follows:

Ice Heart equipment will be replaced by Ice Armor in TFT Season 7.5.

Ice heart:

Additional stats:

+20 armor.

+15 energy.


Reduce 25% Attack speed of enemies within 2 cells around.

Armor Bandage:

Additional stats:

+20 armor.

+30 energy.


Equipped Hero Ice Armor will be increased 15 mana each time a fight starts. When the champion’s health falls below 50%, Ice Armor Will generate for allies within 3 shield umbrella with 20% maximum health, allies receiving shields will gain additional 30 Armor and 30 Magic resistance for the rest of the fight.


With the new updates of Riot Games for DTCL 7.5, this promises to be an attractive season revolving around many diverse lineups, rich equipment to create a great impact on combat. Please accompany Game4V to update the latest and most detailed information about TFT Season 7.5 which will be released within the day. 9/8 Please!

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