DTCL 7.5: Instructions to play the extremely hot Seraphine carry squad

DTCL 7.5: Instructions to play the extremely hot Seraphine carry squad


2022-09-21 01:48:03

At the stage of season 7.5 Truth Arena, there have been many powerful meta games emerging such as Nunu Dragon Warrior, Xayah Bang Hoi or Tu Long… And in the article below, Download.vn will guide you how to do it. play a strange new lineup around the support champion Seraphine, seemingly very weak but is the squad that crushes all the current meta games and is extremely popular with the high ranks.

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DTCL 7.5: Instructions to play the extremely hot Seraphine carry squad

The strength of the squad

By taking advantage of Seraphine’s damage-on-hit buff activation, she will buff a huge amount of damage for the entire squad and be extremely strong against high damage champions like Graves. Not only that, Seraphine also provides a significant amount of virtual armor, making the team stronger; both attacking and defending. In addition, this lineup also stimulates many clans to help all generals become extremely powerful.

Active clans:

  • 3 Water Dragons
  • 2 Gunners
  • 2 Wizards
  • 2 Protectors
  • 2 Mysteries
  • 2 Dark Dragons
  • 2 Warriors
  • 2 Thunder Dragons
  • 2 Dragon Warriors


  • Huge damage, especially in the late game
  • Easy to play, easy to rotate champions with 3 – 4 gold mains
  • Very good countermeasures of the current hot meta


  • Hard to keep health in the early game
  • Need to rotate 3 star Seraphine to optimize damage

How to arrange the squad


The generals in the squad include:

  • Zac (main tank)
  • Yasuo (sub-dame)
  • Pantheon (Secondary Tank)
  • Seraphine (Main damage buff, need to increase 3 stars)
  • Rakan (Secondary Tank)
  • Zyra (Support)
  • Zeri (Sub-Dame)
  • Graves (Main Dame, at least 2 stars)
  • Lee Sin (activated at level 9)

How to equip the squad

In this squad, we need to equip Graves to optimize damage and the extremely necessary equipment for Seraphine is Demon Book (When Seraphine buffs, the attacks will be counted as damage of the skill, so it will activate. the effect of the Devil’s Letter). Other equipment is optional.


  • Blood sword
  • Giant Slayer
  • Colossal Power/Blue Bow/Infinity Sword/Rainbow


  • Demon letter
  • Shojin . Spear
  • Angel’s Scepter

Above is the entire “curriculum” to play the “Seraphine and friends” squad. Good luck with this team!

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