DTCL: A series of strong lineups should not be missed in the coming season 8

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2022-12-03 08:41:50

DTCL: A series of strong lineups should not be missed in the coming season 8

The strong lineups of DTCL season 8 is something that many gamers care about and learn to have a good start in the new season.

There is only a short time left before the Teamfight Tactics season 8 will officially air and land on the Vietnamese server. With many changes in generals, clans as well as equipment and mechanisms, DTCL season 8 promises to bring new experiences to the gaming community. Besides, many players at the PBE server had the opportunity to experience early and create many different squads with overwhelming power.

Star Guardian

Coming to DTCL season 8, it is definitely impossible to ignore the Star Guardian who has just returned with a completely new effect. This is a very easy squad to build and also easy to play because there is a large pool of champions with the ability to recover mana from each other, so they will be able to launch attacks continuously. Players should prioritize installing items that increase AD or mana recovery for Star Guardian generals.

Main Vayne

Vayne has a very good damage ability in DTCL season 8

This lineup will focus on supporting and protecting Vayne from dealing damage when the champion relies heavily on hand attacks. That’s why DTCL gamers should prioritize activating all the clans that this unit owns such as Super Beasts, Detectives or Duel to comprehensively improve the ability to deal damage. The equipment chosen for Vayne should be items that greatly increase attack speed.

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Superhero Gangplank

Gangplank reroll is a strong game of TFT season 8

To play this squad effectively, players will need to reroll to get 3 stars as many champions as possible, most importantly Gangplank, Lee Sin and Malphite because these are all Superman champions when they will increase damage to the whole squad for each allied unit reaching 3 stars. This is an extremely easy squad to play but very effective to get to the top because it only needs to roll 3 stars.


Thien Xa champions can deal very good damage in TFT season 8

With a protective tank on the front line, Thien Xa generals will have more time to deal damage and finish off the enemy. The two main mainstays will be Samira and Aphelios, in which Aphelios is a very special 5-gold general with the ability to change weapons and skills respectively. Combined with Janna to receive more buff effects from her, this squad will become stronger in teamfights.

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