DTCL: Dodge stat in Practice Gloves was removed in season 8

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2022-11-18 08:48:56

DTCL: Dodge stat in Practice Gloves was removed in season 8

It has been announced previously, the item of the Training Glove in DTCL season 8 will no longer possess the ability to dodge attacks but will be buffed with a different stat instead.

As a mechanism that is not mentioned too much but has a great impact on the gameplay of the Tactics Arena, the dodge rate of Practice Gloves is rarely noticed by gamers. As a very important piece of equipment, Practice Gloves are often used by DTCL gamers to create very powerful items such as Blue Bow, Gemstone Gloves, Infinity Sword or Hand of Justice or Thieves Gloves.

In addition, there are strong defensive items such as Haunted Cloak, Alchemy Towel, Trap Claw that are also assembled from Training Gloves and all possess up to 15% attack evasion rate. Although it sounds very small, the fact that a mains can dodge attacks is something that can sometimes be quite unbalanced because they can dodge critical attacks and turn the tide of the game in a matter of seconds. have not been defeated.

Training Gloves will have the dodging ability removed but have a 20% crit chance instead

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That’s why Riot Games has planned to remove the attack dodge rate of the Practice Gloves for a long time, but it has not been possible until the introduction of TFT season 8 for unknown reasons. Accordingly, although there is no longer a 10% chance to dodge attacks, the Practice Gloves now receive a critical hit rate of up to 20%, greatly complementing the mains when increasing the ability to attack with attacks or Throw a fatal blow to blow away the opponent.

Looks like the dodging ability won't be completely removed from TFT

Besides, the dodge rate doesn’t seem to have been completely removed from TFT, but players can no longer take advantage of equipment pairing. It is expected that DTCL season 8 will officially air on version 12.23 and don’t forget to follow rvgamepc.vn to not miss the latest news about the Arena of Truth!

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