DTCL season 8: Get to know Commoners, a new type of energy buff system

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2022-11-25 06:21:58

DTCL season 8: Get to know Commoners, a new type of energy buff system

In TFT season 8, many new clans will be released with unique mechanisms and one of them is Commoner with extremely good support.

Recently, Riot Games has officially updated the information related to season 8 of the Arena of Truth about all champions and effects of the clans that will be released. Accordingly, DTCL season 8 will own the theme of Great War of Monsters with many main and antagonistic clans possessing extremely unique mechanisms. As a season with both heroes and monsters, there will obviously be a clan called Commoner that possesses buff effects for teammates.

With any Civilian champion still on the field, allies in the squad will gain a amount of mana every 2 seconds.

(1) Commoner: 2 mana.

(2) Commoner: 5 mana.

(3) Commoner: 10 mana.

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The following will be the generals of the Commoner clan as follows:

Galio (1 gold)


Galio is a Civilian general in TFT season 8

Galio gains momentum and dashes to the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage and shielding himself and his allies for 4 seconds.

Sivir (2 gold)


Sivir is a Civilian general in TFT season 8

Sivir throws the pizza forward and deals physical damage, after which the pizza splits and heals for the 3 nearest allies.

Janna (5 gold)


Janan is a Civilian general in TFT season 8

Janna unleashes a tornado at the most enemies, knocking up enemies in her path for 0.5 seconds. At its stop, the tornado will continue to knock up enemies within a certain range and deal magic damage. In addition, Janna can also buff allies thanks to her Forecast system depending on the weather appearing each match.

Sunny: Creates a shield of 400/600/4000 Health for 10/10/60 seconds.

Wind: Increases allies’ AP and AD by 15/25/150% every 5 seconds.

Rain: Grants 15/30/100 mana to allies after casting 1/1/100 times.

Commoners will be a race that combines very well with squads that depend on launching moves like Wizards or Star Guardians. In addition, the extremely abundant amount of bonus stats from Janna helps this general become an indispensable piece in many different squads in the late game. Don’t forget to follow rvgamepc.vn to not miss the latest news about Tactics Arena!

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