DTCL season 8: Learn the Hacker, can summon Hecarim to the stage

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2022-12-03 10:42:47

DTCL season 8: Learn the Hacker, can summon Hecarim to the stage

Among the new clans of TFT season 8, Hacker will be among the names with the most unique effect when he can summon Hecarim on the chessboard.

Only a few more days, the Arena of Truth season 8 will officially dock with many changes in generals and clans as well as the launch of many new mechanisms such as Hero Upgrades for each piece. . Clans will be the key point of TFT season 8 when possessing new and unique effects, one of which is Hackers.

Accordingly, the Hacker will only have 3 unique generals, Zoe (3 gold), Zed (4 gold), LeBlanc (3 gold) but players can still activate higher milestones by using Seals or information. through Upgrades. In it, the Hacker generals will receive full lifesteal, recovering health based on the damage dealt.

(2) Get 15% full lifesteal

(3) Gain 30% of your full lifesteal

(4) Get 50% full lifesteal

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Zoe is one of the generals of the Hackers

Not only that, the Hacker generals can also summon a Hecarim unit on the chessboard, also known as H4ckerr!m in TFT season 8. Specifically, a champion in the squad can be selected as a human. ride Hecarim and together they will launch straight into the enemy’s backline. The selected champion will be untargetable for the first few seconds and will freely deal damage to enemy champions.

Hackers can summon Hecarim on the chessboard as a mount for any champion

If there is a general in the squad that possesses the ability to quickly finish off weak mains in the backline, this will be a very effective play that DTCL gamers can take advantage of in the near future. Don’t forget to follow rvgamepc.vn to not miss the latest news about Tactics Arena!

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