Dung CT announced to “take a break” to focus on a new project

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2022-09-23 06:38:54

After launching Than Trung, streamer Dung CT said that he will livestream less to spend time with his family and new projects.

In recent years, male streamer Dung CT has always maintained a great attraction to the Vietnamese gaming community, especially his recent Than Trung project which also received a lot of praise from fans.

It was thought that after the success of Than Trung he would “burn out” and livestream more, but recently Dung CT announced that he would livestream less for many personal reasons.

Dung CT once revealed that he would livestream less when his son entered grade 1.

More specifically, the male streamer born in 1986 said that he himself will spend more time with his family, especially when his son has entered grade 1. Besides, the “father of Than Trung” said his health My life is not as good as before, so this time I will rest and live in moderation.

As for the livestream issue, he will still broadcast to interact with fans whenever there are blockbuster games released, or simply broadcast “late night talk” with fans. However, the frequency of livestreams will be much less than before. On the other hand, there are also many rumors that Dung CT’s livestream platform (Nimo) is about to withdraw from the Vietnamese game market, so many fans speculate that this is also one of the reasons that indirectly affect the male streamer’s decision. this.

Finally, Dung CT revealed that he will invest his time to develop other areas (like YouTube). In the past few days, Anh Dung has also received a lot of contributions from the game Than Trung, so he will pay more attention and effort in the next project.

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