Edward Gaming announced the stars, confidently conquering Worlds 2022

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2022-09-23 10:11:58

The reigning World Championship champion Edward Gaming feels extremely confident, ready to go to the US to successfully defend his throne.

Edward Gaming announces roster for Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022 is very close, the participating teams are busy preparing, eager to participate in the tournament. All 24 teams around the world are ready to go to North America to compete in the most attractive League of Legends playground in the world.

And of course, the top 2 areas of interest are the LCK and LPL. This is not too difficult to understand because the teams from Korea and China are very strong. They are good candidates for the world championship.

At this tournament, although only the 3rd seed, Edward Gaming is highly appreciated because they are the defending champion of Worlds. Most recently, EDG leaders also announced the members coming to the US to attend the League of Legends World Cup.

Player lineup: Top laner Flandre, mid laner Scout, jungler Jiejie, support Meiko, AD carry Viper, sub JunJia.

Edward Gaming announced the stars, confidently conquering Worlds 2022

Of course, the management, board of directors, and Edward Gaming coaching staff will also accompany the team on the way to defending the World Championship.

Manage: HIBARI (Venus), Deputy Director of JASPER, oversees GAZERO.

Coach team: Head Coach MaoKai, Coach ZIV, Coach MNI.

As such, the Edward Gaming team will still keep the same roster that won the world championship in 2021 participating in this year’s tournament. The players mentioned above are all famous stars in the international LoL village.

Edward Gaming announced the stars, confidently conquering Worlds 2022

Among them, EDG also possesses a youthful, balanced, brave and experienced line-up. Notably, the Meiko, Scout or Viper all have excess capacity to carry the team, which can cause mutations.

In this season, Edward Gaming has not been in high form in the LPL Spring and LPL Summer. They seem to have weakened compared to Worlds 2021 and the performance of gamers has also gone down. However, in the regional qualifiers for Worlds 2022, they changed as if they were ready to defend their throne.

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