Eggy Go – ‘NetEase’s Fall Guys’ opens trial in SEA region

Eggy Go – ‘NetEase’s Fall Guys’ opens trial in SEA region

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2022-10-20 23:06:14

Eggy Go is currently open for Android testing in Singapore and the Philippines.

Fun and originality is what makes “Fall Guys” a global phenomenon in the video game industry in 2020. With a large player base and the convenience of mobile devices, it is not difficult to major game studios bring their games to the mobile market and NetEase with Eggy Go is one such product. This is also considered the “Fall Guys” mobile version, currently the game is opening a limited test for the Android operating system in some regions.

Players will begin on the Eggy Islands where each individual will transform into a character and participate in the vibrant, colorful world of Eggy Go. Here players can connect with friends, experience the amenities of a real city as well as participate in fun and unique matches.

Funny graphics and character creation like Eggy Go's eggs.

Funny graphics and character creation like Eggy Go’s eggs.

Eggy Go is also aimed at fun and interesting like Fall Guy, so the shape of the characters is also designed according to this idea. Each character in the game will be shaped in the shape of an egg with rich appearance editing options through the game’s costume system. Players can transform into Santa Claus, space pilots, detectives or any other character that the player wants.

The gameplay is simple, fun but equally challenging of Eggy Go.

The gameplay is simple, fun but equally challenging of Eggy Go.

Just like Fall Guys, Eggy Go also lets players move around a three-dimensional playing field with moves like jumping, grabbing or diving. The pass condition to play the next round is to complete each randomly selected mini-game. On mini-games, obstacles appear around the map to add complexity to the player. Players who are too slow or fail to complete the requirements will be disqualified. In the final round, the few remaining players will compete in the final with a small random game designed with a smaller player size. The winner is the last player left standing.

And to add more fun to the game, NetEase has added new mechanics and features such as using props to gain an advantage in the game; eliminate other players with purposeful collisions (due to the egg-shaped character making this easy to do) and many other interesting mechanics.

In addition, players can also show their talent in building their own playground with different terrains, traps and obstacles. Besides, players can also upload these designs and use other players’ designs to get even more amazing experiences.

Readers interested in Eggy Go can learn more through the following link.

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