Epic Games officially released Unreal Engine 5.1

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2022-11-24 18:15:54

Epic Games officially released Unreal Engine 5.1

Unreal Engine version 5.1 as an update to the game engine that can be used to build the metaverse has recently been officially released by Epic Games.

To make Unreal Engine 5 easier and faster to create 3D content, a new update has just been released. Epic Games Company has added a bunch of new features and improvements that have been tested in 5.1. As a result, Unreal is more powerful, efficient, and flexible for creators in all areas of application.

Epic Games officially released Unreal Engine 5.1

Epic Games says more than half of the next-gen games announced are being built with the Unreal Engine. Developers can now take advantage of Lumen lighting system updates. This is considered important content for game developers or those who want to build metadata.

In the new update there is the Nanite virtualized polygon geometry system and lays the groundwork for experiential games running at 60 FPS. The manufacturer also asserts that these improvements allow the game to be fast-paced and simulate detailed without delay.

In addition, Nanite has also added a programmable pixel raster to enable animation and material-based distortion through position compensation and reduction of character opacity.

UE 5.1 ​​also adds a number of features to improve the efficiency of game developers and other large-scale interactive projects, thereby helping teams work more efficiently. For developers building massive open worlds, this new release also offers additional functionality and improved workflows.

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It is known that Unreal Engine has been used on 425 film and television productions, and is integrated into more than 300 production stages worldwide. But the enhancements in Unreal Engine 5.1 have been improved on their own, technicians and artists can now operate on a dedicated in-camera VFX editor, an improved remote control API system, editing tools, and more. Extensive color correction, initial Lumen support for nDisplay…

Users will get OpenEXR support allowing EXR to be converted to the correct format for optimum. So UE 5.1 ​​also adds improvements to the Lightmass GPU, including support for Sky Atmosphere, fixed Sky Light, lighting features like IES profiles, Rect Light textures, and improved quality and performance on this technology application device in this Unreal Engine 5.1.

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