Evaluation of FIFA Mobile 22: Good graphics, Gameplay is not really “scrolling”

Evaluation of FIFA Mobile 22: Good graphics, Gameplay is not really “scrolling”

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2021-12-30 01:09:09

FIFA Mobile 22 has been out for a while, but if the game is as real as rumored, let’s go through the detailed review below with Mot Game.

Although FIFA Mobile 22 has been released for a while, it has also experienced many incidents with a series of negative reviews about graphics and gameplay. After many improvements, the Beta version promises to bring the closest feeling, the premise for the official launch later.

FIFA Mobile 22 Beta has been officially released in select regions of Canada, Romania and India. EA has made a lot of improvements to the latest installment in the FIFA Mobile series, which was previously announced to be delayed until spring 2022. However, in the last beta the game gave fans a glimpse of the game. Insight into what to expect, with lots of new features, changes and improvements.

Graphics and player shaping are quite good

Talking about the game’s graphics, perhaps in this version the game received a lot of bricks and stones from the fan community. However it is in early beta versions. As for the current version, the game has shown a big difference in graphics between FIFA Mobile 21 and FIFA Mobile 22.

Massive improvement in-game visuals are now more vivid and detailed on mobile devices. You can notice that the pitch is quite realistic, the feeling is not inferior to FIFA on PC.

Perhaps EA has listened to feedback and improved, the player’s image looks close to reality, you can take a look at Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung Min below to understand why. Although sometimes you will still see many frames with jagged edges, or the shadow effect is not good. But after all, compared to the old versions, FIFA Mobile 22 is still marginally better.

About Animation in the game, according to me, the development team has done this well. Each movement of the players has a more flexible and soft character, not as rough as the previous versions. When performing a skillful trick to draw the ball past the opponent, you will see this most clearly.

Keep the traditional style

The gameplay of FIFA Mobile 22 still respects and retains the traditional style. Still the phase of passing, kicking or pressing for the ball. The interesting point is that in this new version, EA has changed the AI ​​algorithm to help the player’s passes become sharper and in the right direction than before.

In the new version, players will have 3 options to adjust the game: attack, defense and balance. Give your squad the flexibility to move up or down at will.

Players will own up to 11 different tactical diagrams. The higher the level, the more you will be able to open up new maps with line ups available to you. The game also offers a mechanism to choose players for free kicks, corners and penalties so that gamers can freely choose who to take.

Basic game modes

The game will provide players with 3 different game modes for online competition, including:

Head To Head – 11-player kick mode, but will let players automatically choose the field, normal or ranked match mode.

VS Attack – Allows gamers to face each other directly, both will compete to create an opportunity to score the opponent in 1 minute 30 seconds, the side with the higher goal difference will win. This mode is also present in ranked competition from Amateur III to FIFA Champion. At the end of the season, the player with the higher rank will receive a lot of gifts.

VS Friend – Compete with friends in the list, this mode is called friendly kick to play fun entertainment is the main

With the Offline section, there will be 2 modes:

League Tour – Allows you to overcome difficult matches with machines, when completed will receive League Tour Tokens, can exchange players with extremely strong stats with OVR over 80. So this is the place for you to find the bridge. the leader of the army for his squad.

Daily Training – Daily practice mode where you will improve your level and playing skills. If you complete all the training courses, you will be able to receive points to exchange for valuable items for yourself.

Attractive features

Eliminate Stamina Mechanism Completely

Good news for fans, the game has now completely removed the Stamina energy bar. It’s hard to imagine if you were in a bloody battle but ran out of stamina and had to spend money to buy just to continue playing. This is a commendable point with nothing to complain about of EA, you can play continuously without worrying about being shorted while waiting for stamina recovery like before.

Remove Gems feature

It is not clear what will happen after the official version, but in the test version, this mechanism has been completely removed. It’s hard to believe that EA can take a step back to support F2P gamers so much. It seems that this publisher is realizing great lessons about squeezing gamers’ pockets in recent years. If the official version is still the same, the Pay-To-Win precedent has been abandoned, fans can rest assured to experience and use the main in-game currency, FIFA Point.

Whether these new changes please individuals, or create a split in opinion among fans. If you ask FIFA Mobile 2022 is it worth looking forward to? Then, I would like to answer that yes! The whole game has changed a lot from the previous release, and feel free to experience it with your friends anywhere this year-end.

Download link: FIFA Mobile 2022

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