Faker shakes the top 1, Bjergsen ‘comeback’ and Zeros is about to ‘disappear’

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2022-01-01 04:26:19

Faker is likely to lose his all-time top 1 solo-kill spot in the near future.

Nearly a year ago, the international League of Legends community once admired Faker’s proud title of “solo-kill king”. But in addition to the top 1 position of the Immortal Demon King, the Vietnamese gaming community had the opportunity to “blow up” thanks to the fact that VCS’s “Ma Vuong Zeros” entered the top 5 solo-kills in the history of League of Legends.

Although many Vietnamese gamers are somewhat proud because Zeros is on the list of the most solo-killers in the history of League of Legends, on the contrary, there are people who think that Zeros was too passionate to break Faker’s record that created the thoughtless solo-kill phase when playing, and then continuously received bitter defeats while wearing SBTC.


Up to today, after nearly a year, the list is about to change slightly because a person who is “plowing KPI” suddenly “disappears”, and a retired person suddenly “comeback” to compete.


Solo kill chart after 2021

More specifically, Zeros suddenly “disappeared” from the professional arena after a shocking statement, so “Demon King 2k” and can be “out of the top” at any time. At the top, the Danish star – Bjergsen has returned to the “race” after a period of retirement and sitting as a coach at TSM.

In particular, Faker’s top 1 position is being shaken when Darshan (top 2) is only 1 more solo-kill behind Faker. Judging by the level between the two regions, the LCK and the LCS, plus the fact that Darshan plays in the 2nd division, it is likely that this player will break Faker’s record in the next season.

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