Fans are extremely impressed with Boruto’s Rasendan technique

Fans are extremely impressed with Boruto’s Rasendan technique

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2021-12-20 23:28:13

An impressive new technique called Rasendan was introduced in Boruto chapter 65 manga, making many fans excited and looking forward to.

Fans are extremely impressed with Boruto’s Rasendan technique

A number of leaks about the manga Boruto chapter 65 have been released and the most notable of them is probably Boruto’s new technique. Or to be more precise, the new move was created by Momoshiki while controlling Boruto’s body.

Accordingly, Momoshiki improved the Rasengan technique (when combining the original Rasengan with Boruto’s compressed Rasengan) and created a new move called Rasendan (Swirling Bullet).

At first glance, this skill is no different from Naruto’s mini Rasengan version, but combined with Boruto’s compressed Rasengan, Rasendan is able to shoot like a bullet at very high speed. Much faster than Naruto’s mini version of Shuriken, the attack power is also greater, but the effect of this skill is quite small.

Rasendan is created by combining the basic Rasengan with Boruto’s special Rasengan

In addition, the pose using Rasendan is also quite special, when Boruto (Momoshiki ) raises his right hand and makes a pose like he is shooting a gun. The vortex bullet was created from the tips of his fingers and flew at such a speed that Code couldn’t react. Rasendan quickly pierces Code’s shoulder blade and distracts him and gives Boruto a chance to rescue Kawaki.

With a small destructive power, Code’s involvement with the Swirl Bullet only caused him to be slightly damaged and caught off guard for a moment. However, if the bullet hits important places such as the head or the heart, things will be very different.

Although Rasendan is not something too special, this is also a new move created specifically for the character Boruto. At least now this character doesn’t have to use it again and again or try to imitate Naruto’s fighting techniques. This move can also reorient and change the way Boruto’s character fights in the future, helping this character gradually get rid of the too big shadow of his father and truly become the main character in the series. bear his name.

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